FFO: War on Drugs, The National, Wilco, The Cure

“Suave vocal lead (and) lovely guitar” – Obscure Sound

An ethereal combination of indie folk, classic rock and new wave as wide as the desert heavens, though its themes are altogether more grounded.”– Various Small Flames

“Continuing to probe the depths of relationship and wonder at the world around us, Zaninovich pulls back the curtain and asks us to join him on a pilgrimage that is wistful, unguarded and searching.”– All The New Music

The Sizzos is back with an electrifying release that promises to captivate audiences once again. Introducing ‘Vol. 1 of the Singles Series’, featuring the mesmerizing A-side track “Wooden Bridge” and the evocative B-side “Lizard Skin”.

Hailing from Eugene, OR, and fronted by the ingenious singer-songwriter George Zaninovich, The Sizzos has become a beacon of musical innovation, drawing acclaim from critics and fans alike over the years. With 20 years of experience as a singer-songwriter under his belt, the indie artist sure knows how to create compelling tracks and his new release is no exception.

Wooden Bridge” is a hauntingly beautiful collaboration with This Side of Wednesday delving deep into themes of intention and loss. The Sizzos’ poignant lyrics weave a tale of feeling trapped, seeking liberation by any means necessary. With This Side of Wednesday’s ethereal vocals and Kabir Green’s driving bass, the song builds an urgent, emotive narrative that is sure to resonate with every listener. At its core, the track stands as a reminder to nurture relationships.

On the flip side, “Lizard Skin” takes audiences on a nostalgic journey, reminiscent of iconic bands like Tears for Fears and The Cure. Featuring the guitar and string arrangements skills of Dylan Lounsberry, the instrumental track exudes an exploratory spirit, mirroring the shedding of expectations in parenthood. Inspired by their shared experiences as fathers to children with reptilian pets, The Sizzos and Dylan Lounsberry share a musical landscape that is both introspective and profound.

When asked about his musical influences and aspirations, The Sizzos shares, “I like the cinematic, stretched-out nature of Michael Kiwanuka, and I draw inspiration from bands like War on Drugs, The Cure and The National. I hope listeners find solace and connection in my music, diving deep into the emotions it evokes.”

But what sets Zaninovich apart is his intentional far away approach to soundstage and mixing. Often overlooked, his deliberate use of distant sounds, slightly tucked vocals, and atmospheric elements add nuance to his compositions.

As the release of “Vol. 1 of the Singles Series” approaches, The Sizzos continues to push the boundaries of creativity and artistry with a blend of heartfelt storytelling and atmospheric soundscapes.


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