Norwegian singer-songwriter and producer Trevis has just released his new single ‘So I Can Sleep Sound” in collaboration with the platinum selling West London collective WSTRN. “So I Sleep Sound” follows the previous version “Company For Now” (Remix) featuring Grammy Award-winning artist Eric Bellinger and renowned British artist Angel. Time to get acquainted with Trevis.

“So I Can Sleep Sound” is a very personal song with a deep emotional resonance. Could you share more about the experiences or inspirations that led you to create this heartfelt track?

I’ve never written a song that speaks so direct to how I’ve felt before. Every line in the chorus is hand-picked from things I wrote to this girl. I decided to open it with, “Got my own thoughts, but I can’t control you” because it’s the most honest and mature way you can handle being in that position. No matter what you do or say to someone that’s changing up on you or acting out and wilding out, you can’t control them. The only thing you can control is how you react. That’s why at the end of the chorus I wrote, “Guess it’s on me now” and because I’m a Cancer ♋️ I end by saying, “I need you around, so I can sleep sound.”

An artist’s process of crafting a song can be very intriguing. Could you walk through your typical creative process, from the initial spark of inspiration to the final product? How do you maintain a balance between expressing your emotions and personal experiences while creating something people can still relate to?

My songwriting process is very unorthodox, I feel lol! I produce my music as well, so usually I start with the music production. Once I have a base for the layout of the production, my favorite thing to do is get in the car and drive around. I’ll play the instrumental on repeat and sing melodies throughout while recording myself on voice notes. I guess the best way to put it is, I’m just singing what I naturally feel the melodies should be, without trying too hard or overthinking it. I’m driving – I’m in my zone and the ideas rush through me. I listen to most music in general when I’m in the car, so when I hum and come up with lyrics and melodies, it’s second nature. When it comes to penning down lyrics I try to keep it as honest and authentic to me as possible, and I have a strong feeling that what I’m going through, someone else has felt before and can relate to.

The collaboration with WSTRN, could you delve into how this collaboration came about? And are there any specific artists that you have on your bucket list for future collaborations?

I produced, wrote, and recorded Sleep Sound in LA with my boy Able Heart. It was instantly one of my toughest beats, and the vocal melodies just felt right. As soon as I got back to London we tapped on WSTRN to hop on it. My manager and Akelle go way back and I’ll always remember when he introduced us Akelle was “praying I wasn’t wack” haha! Soon as he heard the song he sent about ten flame emojis and right as WSTRN got off their UK tour, Haile and Akelle wrapped their verses on the record. They both did their thing and took the song to a whole nother level. This is one of those ones I can’t wait to perform, and the energy between the boys and I on stage will be mad.

I would love to watch, learn from and collaborate with Chris Brown. It’s no secret he’s one of my all-time greats. From what he creates in the studio to on the stage. Other bucket list collabs would be PND, Jeremih, James Fauntleroy, and Ye.

Collaborating in the past with such artists like Eric Bellinger, Angel, and now WSTRN adds diverse perspectives. Can you elaborate on how these collaborations unfolded creatively, considering different cultural perspectives and sounds? What elements does each artist bring to the table that enhances a song’s message and impact?

I can’t believe we’re here! So many moving pieces and people came together to make this happen. This all started as a small idea to build on my debut EP and make it mad collaborative with some of my favorite names in music right now. I mean, these artists have billions of streams and are actively touring the world, it’s absolutely crazy that they’re fans of mine too, and have wanted to be a part of these songs I’ve made. From Norway to the UK – Nigeria to the States, I wanted Floor Plan 2.0 to represent artists I love from all across the world. Lyrically, melodically and artistically they all brought their authentic styles to each song. I’m happy to see my favorite records be out and this moment come to life!

While you initially pursued a career in football your journey took a different path due to an injury. Do you still maintain an interest in football, especially Manchester United? Has this experience of choosing to move away from sports into music impacted your current creative outlook and ambition?

From age 5 I religiously trained to be a professional football/soccer player in hopes of one day playing for the Norwegian national team. By the time I was 15, I started training with the Manchester United soccer school and academy program, but my career came to an abrupt halt and I was pretty lost in life. The day I was ultimately forced to turn away from my childhood dreams, everything I ever loved, I had to give up. My mom relocated me to Los Angeles after a dark year of depression. For a while after that, I hated football and was completely turned off by it. Falling in love with music was a great distraction for me and creating music became my therapy and healthy outlet. Now that I spend all my time in the UK, I’ve definitely fallen back into it and support and watch United and most Premier League games regularly. My outlook and ambition on anything I put my mind to always go 110%. I was taught that from early on in life by parents who have guided me to always get back up and put one foot in front of the other.

Family upbringing can always shape a creative’s perspective, could you share a bit more about your family’s relationship with music? Was music an important part of your household or something you chose to pursue on your own?

My grandfather owned a record store in the city center and he was the go-to man for every DJ in my hometown, he always knew what’s up haha! I remember growing up he would play me and my siblings all the newest records he got. He lived for music. That definitely began shaping my musical tastebuds back then, but other than him and my father playing me the guitar, football was still my dream and passion. Music didn’t become an essential part of my life til I moved to California. When I was in LA I immediately formed a deep connection and purpose with music. I went from being in such a dark place to developing a deep relationship with my artistry. I studied the craft by spending weekends and after school in the back of Harmony Samuels and the BOE Camp studio sessions, listening and watching top-tier musicians in their space. Creating music became my therapy and healthy outlet. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the mandem!

Beyond your professional involvement with music, how does music integrate into your daily life? Is there a specific role that music plays in your personal routine or any specific genres and artists that you listen to to set a particular mood?

Music is life. Haha… It is everything and when you think back on certain moments in life, or with an ex-girlfriend, friend, or place, there’s always a song, album, or artist attached to those moments. At least for me. I was in the studio til 4 AM last night making music and I’m listening to music writing this lol! Specifically- the afrobeat genre makes me feel good! The frequency of those songs is always positive. I like to say I dabble in genres. I listen and I’m turned on to so many different artists to constantly stay inspired. My own sound is pop music with a heavy influence on R&B.


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