TRES NAVY release video of ‘OMG’ due to succes.

The decision of the Amsterdam Urban Hiphop duo to release a video of OMG is not entirely unexpected. The single was released in August 2021, but made modest noise at the time. But after performing in Popronde, a Dutch itinerant music festival, that fall and subsequently being featured as ‘Artist of the Month‘ by the popular Dutch Urban radio station FunX, OMG’s popularity has increased massively. To crown this success, they have now released the clip.

OMG spent 16 weeks in the FunX Xcharts, was added to Spotify playlist ‘La Vida Loca‘ and has reached about 700k streams to date. It was also used worldwide in dance challenges by various TikTokkers and national celebrities, in Brazil, Germany, France and Uruguay, among others. In the colorful video, directed by MÔYOSORÉ, Tres Navy portrays a Caribbean Art day, a party known for its good vibes, summery clothes and tasty drinks.

The brother duo’s clean voices complement each other seamlessly. It fits perfectly with the sunny character of the track. The powerful flow of the raps provides the dynamics whilst the catchy hook reverberate in your head for a long time. The mood of the song is pure positivity, a euphoric sensation where sun, cocktails and fun predominate. Plus, they look great and dress well; a favorable side effect for the video. It gives it that little bit of visual extra that makes it fun to watch and listen to.

Another aspect is the thoughtfulness and finesse with which the song has been put together. Because it starts with the chorus, which as said is catchy, you are sucked into the vibe from the beginning till the end. Although it has an easy-going feel, it grooves like crazy at the same time guided by a ultra-tight beat.

Tres Navy have the potential to make an international breakthrough. Their recognizable sound and their likeable appearance transcends the Dutch Urban Hip-hop scene. The smart, hit-sensitive arrangements have international allure. A cross-genre approach that originated from different styles such as Afrobeat, Pop and Hiphop.

However, their most accomplished feature is their ability to create songs that are not aggressive or misogynistic but emphasize artistry, creativity and positivity. It’s the new cool and Tres Navy is a worthy exponent of that. It seems like we’re not done with Tres Navy just yet. This is just the beginning.


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