PÄRADOX CÄSTLES is a love-enthusiastic, energetic Alternative Rock/Pop artist with a captivatingly scary edge. Growing up in the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon, PÄRADOX CÄSTLES’ journey took a significant turn in 2017 when he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where he was introduced to music and had the opportunity to work with Curtis Williams. Returning to the West Coast, he honed his skills as an engineer in various studios, making a name for himself in the industry. In 2020, PÄRADOX CÄSTLES linked up with renowned producer/engineer/artist Cody Benjamin and producer/engineer/artist Pettros. This collaboration led to the release of “WDYDMLT” featuring Cody Benjamin in 2021. Now based on the West Coast and under his own label, Päradox Cästles Music Entertainment, PÄRADOX CÄSTLES continues to captivate listeners with his unique blend of scary, energetic sounds and love-driven themes, carving out a distinct space in the independent music scene. Sponsored by The CREATO® Brand.

PÄRADOX CÄSTLES recently released two new gems “Jump Off The Edge” and “In My Head” showing no signs of slowing down, with a new album due out in Fall 2024. In collaboration with our partners at Moonlight PR, we had a chat with a sometimes elusive but always captivating star in the making.

Hunter S. Thompson’s notion of “The Edge” is deeply philosophical. How did his quote resonate with you when creating your latest single ‘Jump off the Edge’ and how did it influence the track’s composition and lyrics?

“The edge” refers to loyalty, in a way. If I love you, I will die for you. I will jump off the edge for you.
The next words include “don’t let me fall” Which ultimately is me begging to not be betrayed by that person I would die for.

Your music often explores dualities and paradoxes. Can you delve into how you balance these contrasting elements in your sound, particularly in tracks like ‘Jump off the Edge’ and ‘In My Head’?

My philosophy is.. Everything is a paradox. And the paradox of love is the root of PÄRADOX CÄSTLES. These 2 tracks are a sliver of the emotional duality to come.

“Jump off the Edge” captures the turmoil of love and loss. How do you channel personal experiences into your music without being overwhelmed by the emotions you’re expressing?

I let it fall into the music, where it needs to be.

Your recent singles showcase a blend of hard rock, nu-metal, and electronic elements. What draws you to mix these genres?

Energy is what I’m made of, these elements you mention, have my heart.

How has your approach to music evolved from your earlier works to your current singles? Are there any significant changes in your creative process or musical direction with this new release?

All I’ll say is i’ve been working nonstop for October.

With an album set to release in Autumn 2024, can you give us any insights into what listeners can expect? Are there any new themes or sounds you’re exploring in this upcoming project?

This is just the start.

Reflecting on your journey as an artist, how do you think you’ve grown personally and professionally since you started PÄRADOX CÄSTLES?

Let the lovely fans answer that.


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