UK-based Nigerian rapper TiZ East has dropped his latest single, ‘Asinle’, in collaboration with Afrobeats heavyweight Mayzee. Produced by SV ON THE BEAT, this joint creation has come to be following TiZ EAST’s feature on Mayzee’s ‘Kingdom Come’. In the spirit of reciprocity, both artists have been working hand-in-hand to push ‘Asinle’, an experience that transcends genre and cultural background.

I’m in Newham right now but you can catch me over in Lagos”, Nigerian born artist TiZ harmonizes the essence of dual heritages. Having moved to Plaistow in his formative years (“bang in the middle of Newham”), he has stayed consistent in infusing his signature bubbling flow with the traditional Afrobeat ‘factor’. Throughout his musical reign, this East-London break- through act has built an enviable catalog and garnered international recognition from global tastemakers (Complex. BBC Radio, GRM Daily, Capital XTRA, etc), paving his way to become a staple name in the scene.

In the wake of Afrobeats’ meteoric rise in the Western music sphere, a revolutionary shift is taking place. We are seeing a playful innovation spanning across a variety of genres. In the time of active movement throughout the African diaspora, the resulting rise in collaborations serve as breeding ground for artistic cultural exchange. Such is this case with this new track, treading the lines of Afro Fusion and Afro Swing; a dynamic blend of sounds from two distinct yet interconnected worlds: Lagos and East London. This synthesis highlights TiZ’s self proclaimed “Lagos2London” sound, where one can expect to hear the meticulous product of Pidgin, English, and Yoruba lyrics.

The direct translation of “asinle” is “we are not home”, a reflection of the rapper’s intentions behind this collaboration and an omen to his background. The accompanying music video enhances the feeling of ‘a home away from home’ by spotlighting the streets of London, while the track’s vibrantly bouncy atmosphere brings color to the usually darker scenes of UK rap. As a result this combination adds a refreshing and accessible dimension to the rap scene, appealing to a broader spectrum of listeners that may be crossing over from Afro sounds,or vice versa. Could TiZ be at the front line of an era determined to break the conventions of UK hip- hop? Could this be a call to action for other artists to follow suit?

Prior to this project, TiZ’s last release “Yellow Buses” was in April of 2023. Taking his time to refine his sound, stating: “I was gone for a minute, but I’m back now. The only way is up!”, his 2024 return was well worth the wait. This young talent is definitely one to keep an eye on.



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