Meet Adam El Bacha, a.k.a. SCROBA, an international artist born in Amsterdam, but with his roots in Morocco. Coming from a Moroccan family, his childhood and education were immersed in the French language, resulting in him performing his music in French. We got to chat with SCROBA around the release of his latest track “Remonter” featuring AV ALLURE.

– Hey SCROBA! What’s the story behind your stage name?:

At first my artist name was Scrobario. That came from escrot (crook) and barrio (neighboorhood) and it was a name my cousin was calling me as he always said I looked a bit like Pablo Escobar, that’s how he came up with Scrobario. However I have never been a crook at all tho, haha. I was a lot younger and making trap music back then. Later we made that name shorter into SCROBA to make it easier to write and I personally thought the name was too long.

– Can you tell us about the inspiration behind the song “Remonter” and how the collaboration with AV ALLURE came about?

Remonter was a track I started working on with Peru (my producer) somewhere in the end of 2021. At first I had two verses on it. One about money that come and go and the second about loosing a loved one. Remonter means to go up again and I wanted it to be a track people can listen to when they are down so that they can be motivated to get back up again. AV Allure is an artist from the UK that Peru had previously worked with and had a good relationship with. In October 2022 he came to the Netherlands and came to the studio. We invited him to listen to songs and tell us if he wanted to jump on it. Remonter was the second or third song and he instantly knew he wanted to be on that song.

– What message or theme does “Remonter” convey, particularly in relation to life’s challenges and the concept of hope and resilience?

Remonter means to get back up. We all have problems. These problems come in different forms, but for this song we highlighted financial problems, which is relevant for more and more people today, unfortunately. One day you can have it all and lose it the next day. With this song I wanted to say to the listeners that whenever that happens you always have to get back up because there is always a way to get out of these problems. If you give up you are done for therefor you should always keep going and smile.

– What was the songwriting and production process like for this track? Did you encounter any notable challenges or highlights during the creation of the track?

The first version of the track came from a session between me and Peru just vibing and freestyling. Over the time there were some minor changes in the first verse. AV Allure delivered a flawless verse so that went perfectly. The bridge was the most work for me as I redid it like six times because I wasn’t satisfied yet. At the end I am really happy with the result.

– You’ll be releasing at least three multi-track EPs throughout 2023, each representing the past, present, and future. Could you provide some insights into the concept and storytelling behind these EPs and how they tie into your artistic journey?

When I was a kid one of my favorite albums was Michael Jackson with History: Past, Present and Future, Book I. That was part of the inspiration and another inspiration was the book Le petit prince of Antoine de Saint-exupéry. In his book the protagonist ends up on a planet and starts a relationship with a rose that went from a bulb to a fully grown rose. After that he leaves as the rose becomes to exigent. I was fascinated by the story as the message was that everything is temporary ( éphemère in french). In the fist two songs you see love growing, in the two songs after the current situation and in the final two songs how it went after the relationship.

– Looking ahead, what are your aspirations and goals as an international artist? How do you hope to make an impact with your music and connect with audiences worldwide?

My first goal is to let my music reach as far as it can. I think I cary positivity and a message that people can learn from or relate to. Once I am done with the six songs we will work towards an album. The more music I bring out the more shows I can do in different countries. First we will aim toward Belgium and from there go to Morocco and France. I want to entertain my fans wherever they are and open to traveling the world to please my fans wherever they are. My greatest joy is to share my music with the world and learn as my path continues.

Interview in collaboration with our friends from Curious For Music


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