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Mr. Eazi takes us through an exceedingly vulnerable sonic experience through his latest release, “Advice,” a bold testament to the Afropop heavyweight’s ability to seamlessly blend cultural influences and deliver a captivatingly infectious sound.

The song’s story unfolds as we are invited into intimate moments of the artist’s journey of self-discovery and introspection. Mr. Eazi recounts lessons learned in the themes of love and betrayal, where he expresses the complexities of such heavy, yet ordinarily human emotions through a fusion of West African rhythms and contemporary electronic elements.

Advice” begins with an impactful drill-infused rhythmic and hypnotic beat that draws the listener in from the outset. He carries a raw tone throughout the song, further emphasized through the aurally rich instrumentation that accompanies his melodious vocal style. Ghanaian M.O.G Beatz’s masterful production sets the stage, allowing Mr. Eazi’s lyrical prowess and soulful vocals to shine through, animating the track with a mind-stirring sensibility. As such, a balance is struck between an effortlessly charismatic delivery and a hard-hitting emotionally rich, almost ethereal sound.

Following the song’s progression, the instrumentation evolves, introducing vibrant synth sections and subtle electronic elements. These additions lend the track a sense of dynamism, ensuring that “Advice” never loses its momentum. It’s a song that invites you to move, but also encourages you to reflect on its lyrical message.

Mr. Eazi is opening up this shared experience of ‘reflection’ to the public in the form of several multi-sensory exhibition listening experiences ahead of the album’s official release date on October 27. Its first opening in Ghana’s Gallery 1957, the country in which the Afropop superstar’s career took its grand launch, is of notable significance to the artist. As such, the mere selection of venue location amplifies the song’s touching messaging as a nod to his sentimental rise to stardom for the release of his almost decade-in-the-making debut solo album.

Advice” and the forthcoming album “The Evil Genius”,  are a long-awaited product of Mr. Eazi’s continued growth as a versatile artist as well as unparalleled involvement as a trailblazer in African musical entrepreneurship. His willingness to boldly experiment with different musical styles whilst maintaining the evergreen Afro sound is commendable. This pivotal factor of flexibility is one of Mr. Eazi’s strengths as a leading artist in the genre, as he consistently makes strides to bridge cultural gaps through his uniquely melodic sound.


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