The LA-based singer-songwriter releases her FINAL single before her much anticipated debut album ’The OPEN-HEARTED’ (release 6 October 2023) with a super cool, vocal rich, retro inspired, alternative R&B, indie pop anthem

Coming full circle, AUDACITY. was written by Arlissa in her final moments of processing the loss of her relationship, a theme that has run through all her previous singles. The last stage of grief and the acceptance, which led to the awakening that the person she was with, not being the person she was led to believe in. The song is about setting herself free, having lost herself in the relationship and now finally free of it – on the way to finding and empowering herself again.

Produced by Josh Grant (Samm Henshaw, Shawn Mendes, Crystal Fighters)  AUDACITY. is an alternative R&B, indie pop record.  With its hypnotic groove and Arlissa’s serene and powerful vocals, it immediately takes you on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery – all the way to the peak for its celebratory and freeing lyric and hook: “I Had To Let You Go”.  AUDACITY is guaranteed to keep the listener engaged from beginning to end.

The accompanying video (draft) is once again beautifully shot and cleverly directed by My Heart Is On the Floor director and Arlissa’s childhood friend Elizabeth Jamieson.

AUDACITY. is the final tantalising glimpse into Arlissa’s long-anticipated debut album ‘The OPEN-HEARTED’ before its release in Oct 2023 – bound to establish heras the powerhouse singe/songwriter and artist she was always placed here to be.

(album – release: 06 Oct 2023)

A journey through heartbreak, self-discovery, self-worth and empowerment 

Arlissa spent over 2 years writing The OPEN-HEARTED.  After writing a string of albums that just didn’t feel quite right, it took a deep heartbreak to crack her heart open and find out what she was truly made of and what she wanted to say. This album is an offering of love to herself, the journey back to self, the rediscovery of self and reclaiming her wants and needs.  It’s an album that says, no matter what you’ve been through, you will always have you, so allow yourself to bleed, to cry, to heal… but never forget to love yourself along the way.  Keeping your heart open, despite all the setbacks and the pain, is the greatest gift you can give yourself.  Alchemise that pain in your heart and turn it into art.  Look at all the beauty that comes from it.  Arlissa adds: “I’m so proud of this work, and I hope it inspires everyone to take any pain we all experience and make something beautiful with it.”

The perfect showcase for her gracefully sculpted and soulful alternative pop/rnb, Arlissa’s long-anticipated album The OPEN-HEARTED, releasing 6 Oct 2023, all took shape from the above profound period of personal and creative growth – a turning point Arlissa describes as “the first time I’ve ever felt completely free to make whatever I wanted.”  After also breaking out of her most recent record deal, the Los Angeles-based musician spent much of this time reconnecting with her spirituality and, in turn, reflecting on her past experience in love, life and art and with that the realisation:  “Despite whatever heartbreak that may knock on my doorstop once again, I know it will always only be a visitor.  And I will lovingly see it out the door in a new light.”

The OPEN-HEARTED embodies artist collabs with DuckwrthToni Thomas and a handful of amazing producers by the likes of Ebenezer (Stefflon Don, Chris Brown, Ty Dolla $ign), Sky Adams (Doja Cat, Kylie Minogue, Zak Abel, Nicole Scherzinger), Peter ’Neros’ Ibsen (Lana Del Rey, BTS, Jessie J), Baca & Brandn (Alina Baraz, Issa Rae, Hope Tala, sky), WaveIQ (Jaden , VanJess, and GoldLink) and Josh Grant (Samm Henshaw, Shawn Mendes, Crystal Fighters).  It is an absolute treat for anyone into cool, soulful, relatable, empowering and accomplished alternative pop/rnb – bound to establish Arlissa as the powerhouse singer/songwriter and artist she was always placed here to be.


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