Superfan by Adam Alonzo

Superfan, the alias of Kali Flanagan, shares his new single, “Sewn Up and Handsome,” released through Nettwerk. The song, which is the first taste of a forthcoming full-length project, marks the end of Kali’s previous self-titled work and the introduction of his new alias and a new sonic era, embracing a pared-down sound complimentary of Flanagan’s diaristic writing style. The new music features overdriven detuned guitars and Casio keyboards with a charming likeness to intimate indie rock of the 2000s. 

Sewn Up and Handsome” was written as he recovered from top surgery and is an unflinching rumination on both physical recovery and spiritual disjuncture. He expresses sentiments of desire, dysphoria, and nostalgia in his quintessentially straight forward voice, asking, “I wanna feel less miserable/So I’m trying to get physical/Will I always be so visible?” In this way, the song serves as Superfan’s exploration of personal insecurities within the framework of his evolving identity and journey into young manhood. 

Speaking about the distinct purpose and intentionality behind “Sewn Up and Handsome,” Superfan shares that the song is: “My attempt at unraveling pressure points of insecurity in the context of perceived identity through the language of blown-out long-form pop rock.”  

Superfan has continuously been the driving force behind his music, serving as singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer simultaneously. For this particular project, he embraced a new approach, drawing inspiration from the challenges and feedback of former collaborator Tony Berg and working with producer Gabriel Wax (Soccer Mommy, Adrienne Lenker). He opted to restrict himself to a single instrument during the songwriting phase and build the songs out organically using that blueprint. The result is a raw and stripped-down rendition that amplifies his exceptional vocal talent and poignant lyrics.

Check out “Sewn Up and Handsome” above, and stay tuned for more music from Superfan soon.


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