A journey into the illusory grandeur propagated by social media

In the latest sonic narrative by Beldon Haigh, the enigmatic artist takes a poignant dive into the realm of superficiality, unmasking the illusory grandeur often propagated by selfies and social media. Titled “Paper Tiger”, the track masterfully dissects the façade of ostensible power and invites listeners to peer beyond the glitzy veneer of virtual displays, urging a deeper exploration of reality lurking beneath the surface.

But it’s not just the lyrical journey that captivates. Haigh’s accompanying visual feast in the form of a music video elevates the narrative to cinematic heights. Set against the backdrop of a bustling casino, the tale unfolds, weaving the story of a Paper Tiger gambler whose initial triumph at the roulette table paints a picture of opulence and success. Yet, as the plot thickens and twists, the fragility of this veneer comes to the fore, mirroring the very essence of the “Paper Tiger” metaphor.

Haigh’s musical prowess shines through, delivering a tapestry of addictive guitar riffs and theatrical vocals that weave an intoxicating melody. The track’s infectious chorus beckons listeners to join in, blending the elements of nostalgia and authenticity, grounding the experience in a tangible, relatable sphere.

What sets this creation apart is its ability to resonate on multiple levels. Beyond the catchy beats and intricate storytelling, there’s an unmistakable authenticity that permeates both the song and its visual counterpart. It’s evident that Haigh and the band relished the creative process, infusing their joy into every frame of the captivating video.

Paper Tiger” isn’t just another pop music entry; it’s an enchanting journey that beckons audiences to peel back the layers of illusion and embrace the genuine, a testament to Haigh’s ability to fuse entertainment with profound introspection.

Band Lineup

  • Justin Skelton – Lead Singer and Songwriter
  • Fiona Lynch – Vocal and Backing Vocals
  • Dru Baker – Horns and Keyboards
  • Jimmy Green – Guitars
  • Kevin Jefferies – Bass
  • Jon Howells – Drums

Beldon Haigh’s music not only entertains but also serves as a platform for addressing critical social issues, shedding light on the state of the world, and advocating for change. With an ever-growing body of work and a commitment to pushing creative boundaries, Beldon Haigh continues to leave a lasting impact on their listeners.


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