One of the most hyped British underground bands” – CULTED

The new trio making moves to leave their imprint on UK hip-hop” – COMPLEX

Frozemode are BBC Radio 1’s Jack Saunders ‘Next Wave’ on Future Artists
And this is the essential piece of brand-new music that you need to have add to your playlist!”

Loud, passionate, furious. An electro post-punk alternative rap fusion with fast-paced lyrics, breaks not far from a house mix, and an addictive attitude on the infectious track.

Landing off the back of five incredible performances at this year’s The Great Escape and Alt-Escape. Possibly one of the most active on the Brighton circuit this year, Frozemode, teared through The Village, Hope and Ruin, The Mesmerist, joined NOISY on stage at The Arch, and closed their first TGE with a raucous performance on Upset Magazine’s stage at Volks.

With support from Radio 1’s Jack Saunders, Frozemode (I.V.GATLIN, Cho-Hollo and Lisong) are breaking genre boundaries as an artist undeniably from the future. The third release from the trio comes after a rapid 100k streams across platform, with earlier singles ‘Simon Says‘ and ‘Maybelline‘ opening up a creative gap in the market of alternative-rap.

Stick Dat‘ is fast and fierce, the single hits back at people jumping on the bandwagon when you have reached success. A track that allows the collective to “shamelessly flex a little” over their success and thriving discovery of sound which is only growing stronger as an identity on this new single.

Fitting perfectly into this year’s The Great Escape and 2000 Trees line-ups, Frozemode also took to the stage and establish themselves within the rock scene with a support slot at Camden’s Underworld for Ocean Grove on 14/03. Demonstrating their ability to straddle genres, the trio also supported Jelani Blackman at this year’s London Calling in February.

Stick Dat‘ is almost begging to be played live, channelling an energy that is bouncing off a sticky floor and shoved around a field.

10/05 Village, Brighton
11/05 Hope & Ruin, Brighton
12/05 The Mesmerist, Brighton
13/05 Volks, Brighton
02/06 District, Liverpool
03/06 Hidden Door, Edinburgh
04/06 Oporto, Leeds
08/07 2000 Trees Festival
09/09 Burn It Down Festival


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