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Molly Burch is back with a new single and video “Unconditional” from her upcoming album Daydreamer out September 29th via Captured Tracks. Bright synths, garage rock drums, and a funky bass make the song a fun and playful listen, but as Molly describes, it is not so simple: “This song is a traditional unrequited love song but I wrote it thinking about how I feel as a working artist in todays climate. A big part of pursuing a creative job is being okay with the roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes things feel positive and sometimes you feel a lot of rejection. This is my way of expressing that through a narrative of not being seen or appreciated by a person you were romantic with.”

The accompanying video depicts Molly and her friends hanging out, playing with a ouija board and partaking in a pillow fight while dawned in brightly colored silk robes. Throughout the track Molly’s voice delivers the breadth and uplifting spirit of a warm summer evening spent with friends. The new song also follows Molly’s recently released lead single, “Physical.”

Having recently relocated to her hometown of Los Angeles, the beginnings of her latest album came together after Burch found her old diaries from age 13 and younger. Renowned for her captivating vocals and vivid depictions of love and loss, Molly takes on a new form in Daydreamer, focusing on the relationship she has with herself as well as the personal highs and lows that inform her self-identity. Molly shares, “Growing up I was extremely shy and filled with self hatred. I would hide out in my bedroom to watch TV and daydream. I was so uncomfortable in my body and that was the age I started dealing with body dysmorphia, which later formed into an eating disorder. It was also the age I started realizing I could sing, and how badly I wanted to pursue that, but told myself I couldn’t,” Burch said, realizing how cruel she was to herself then, and how she still harbors many of those same self-critiques. It was this reflection that forced her to take responsibility for where she was currently at in life and to try to let go of old habits.

Burch adds, “I see myself as a daydreamer. Someone who uses their imagination to escape reality when sadness and longing begins. When I think of my most prominent daydreaming years, I see an insecure and introverted thirteen year old hiding out in her bedroom. I had a voice inside of my head spinning a web of negative self talk. But I equally gave space to my very big dreams which ultimately guided my career as a musician. During the pandemic, I started to lose sight of what aspects of my life brought me joy and what felt like going through the motions. I felt I was at the peak of letting external opinions fully dictate my self worth. So I examined my insecurities, the mean stories I would create about myself, and the body issues that had plagued me for too long. I decided, through songwriting, to look back at formative life moments, to connect with the reasons why I’ve dedicated my life to music and also try to heal old and still open wounds. This album is dedicated not only to my thirteen year-old self, but the thirteen year-old selves that still linger within all of us. It’s filled with bops and ballads & I’m so excited to share it with you.”

Daydreamer boasts a sharper, much cleaner production approach and a bit more pop than Burch’s previous records, thanks to producer Jack Tatum. Molly shares, “I had worked with Jack before on our co-written song ‘Emotion’ that we put out in 2020. When deciding who would produce Daydreamer I knew I wanted it to be Jack as soon as I started writing. We have similar taste and sensibilities and I look up to him so much.” There are Japanese city pop inspirations, horns, strings, and more ballads, with a throughline of Molly’s masterful, shimmering vocals taking center stage. The result is music that feels stirring and sweeping, pulling in sounds and influences of the past, while also propelling Burch into a further development of herself as an artist.

Burch will also be heading on a North American tour across 18 cities starting in the birthplace of her last three albums Austin, Texas and finishing in her hometown of Los Angeles with support from Christelle Bofale.

Listen to “Uncondtional” now, view full tour details below, and stay tuned for more from Molly Burch coming soon.

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Upcoming Tour Dates

09/29 – Austin, TX @ Mohawk Outside
09/30 – Houston, TX @ White Oak Music Hall – Upstairs
10/01 – Dallas, TX @ Club Dada
10/03 – Atlanta, GA @ Masquerade – Purgatory
10/04 – Nashville, TN @ The Basement
10/06 – Washington, DC @ Songbyrd
10/07 – Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s
10/09 – New York, NY @ Bowery Ballroom
10/11 – Ferndale, MI @ The Loving Touch
10/13 – Chicago, IL @ Sleeping Village
10/14 – Minneapolis, MN @ Turf Club
10/15 – Omaha, NE @ Slowdown
10/17 – Denver, CO @ Lost Lake Lounge
10/18 – Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
10/20 – Seattle, WA @ Tractor Tavern
10/21 – Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios
10/23 – San Francisco, CA @ Cafe Du Nord
10/25 – Los Angeles, CA @ Highland Park Ebell


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