Indie-pop Berlin based, Irish artist Lydia Ford releases her new single “Burning Out” today, May 3th via Bloom Records. The new single comes as Lydia is gearing up to release her debut album “Faking It“, set for release September 2023.

The album was born out of a collaboration with producer Sam Stevenson during Berlin’s lockdown in 2021. Lydia’s songwriting is primarily informed by her own experiences, with a theme of being in your twenties and struggling to get your life together.

Her new single “Burning Out” describes the feeling of being overwhelmed, stressed, and burnt out. The lyrics describe the pressure to maintain a facade of being fine on the outside, while on the inside obsessing over feeling left behind and lacking purpose.

About the single Ford says… “Despite knowing that the feeling wouldn’t last forever, I felt stuck in this cycle of burnout when writing this song with Matt Attard almost 2 years into the Pandemic. The gang vocals section of the song, where lots of my friends join in and sing the chorus, represents a collective experience of feeling burnt out and overwhelmed. It gives the impression that I’m not alone in their struggle and that others can relate to the feeling of being trapped in a cycle of burnout. I hope that the chorus becomes a sort of anthem that brings people together and encourages them to share their feelings.”

Lydia’s journey to becoming a musician started when she was nine-years-old and asked for a guitar for Christmas. Her passion for music continued into her teenage years, where she joined various pop-punk bands. After university, she began working for Irish TV channel TV3, but her move to Brooklyn reignited her passion for music. Lydia began posting demos on SoundCloud, leading to an unexpected request from Hamburg deep house duo Steam Phunk to collaborate on some toplines. Their two singles together were positively received, leading to Lydia sharing her own music, which evolved from poppier roots into something more introspective.

Lydia’s reputation continued to grow with “Feel It For You“, which received airplay in Ireland and the UK, editorial playlists across Spotify, press coverage from Billboard, Earmilk, and Uproxx, and syncs in “Made In Chelsea“. She has also made her mark in the live arena, playing sets at Ireland Music Week 2022, Other Voices, and We’ve Only Just Begun Festival. Faction Records got in touch after “Feel It For You”, leading to a deal with their imprint, Bloom Records.

Burning Out showcases her honest and introspective songwriting, offering an insight into her journey as an artist and the upcoming debut album ‘Faking It’ is engaging precisely because it’s a sum of experiences: high and lows, challenges and self-doubts, but with the feelgood conclusion that what you’re looking for isn’t quite as insurmountable as it might initially seem. And as a record that can connect with fans of Maisie Peters, Fickle Friends and Phoebe Bridgers, ‘Faking It’ surely represents the starting point of Lydia Ford’s next journey.


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