Emerging hip-hop artist Lonely Leonard is ready to present his raw, unfiltered self through his solo album, ‘BLOCKBUSTER’. After a stint as a porn director working with a high profile star, the Phoenix-based rapper has returned to his love of music and draws on his unconventional experiences to tell a story of self-exploitation in the name of fame.

The 11-track album melds drill with EDM and jersey club elements, bringing the listener on a captivating musical journey. Each track shows a different side of Lonely Leonard’s artistry, from catchy hooks to provocative raps. He describes that “listening to BLOCKBUSTER sober is like watching a 3D movie without the glasses on”, conveying how the album dabbles in different genres and lyrical themes to conceptualize the “rainbow-colored tragedy” of the music and porn industries.

BLOCKBUSTER’s lead track, “I Did It”, is described as an “anthem for New Jersey” and appropriately showcases Lonely Leonard’s confidence, catchiness, and ability to ride a jersey club beat. Inspired by artists like Eminem, BandmanRill and Travis Scott, he successfully infuses powerful musical influences while adding his own unique touch.

In conjunction with the album release, Lonely Leonard is proud to announce that a percentage of the profits from his merchandise sales will be donated to the AZ Access to Abortion Fund. This initiative reflects Leonard’s commitment to supporting important causes and giving back to the community.

In the short term I want to make them fucking recognize. In the long term I want to give people the energy to dream.” he boldly says – and he does just that by giving the world a taste of his talent through this first album.

He records all of his work with Killroy, who works with West Coast acts like Snoop Dogg, and got help from Fritzthaproducer, known for working with Pop Smoke and On The Radar, for engineering work on several tracks. Since launching his music career, Lonely Leonard has been featured on Ebro’s Apple Music Radio Show and received praise from Rick Ross. As he continues to make a name for himself, ‘BLOCKBUSTER’ is another stepping stone in Lonely Leonard’s journey and introduction to the world.


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