Channel Tres releases his debut album Head Rush via RCA Records. The album, which features the previously-released singles “Berghain” featuring Barney Bones and “Cactus Water” is the culmination of Channel’s steady ascent since he first broke through to public consciousness with his cult-classic debut single “Controller.” 

Head Rush features all of the sounds that have come to be hallmarks of Channel Tres songs, but finds him incorporating musical influences not heard in his prior catalog, as evidenced by “Berghain” and other songs from the album including the Ty Dolla $ign-featuring “Holy Moly,” a visualizer for which is out now. The album arrives on the heels of two recent head-turning Channel Tres collaborations as well — his contribution to KAYTRANADA’s “Drip Sweat” and Jay WorthyDāM FunK & A-Trak‘s “105 West” alongside fellow LA legends Ty Dolla $ign and DJ Quik exemplify his versatility.

Head Rush is a richly layered record, but one that feels totally intuitive, without a trace of doubt or self-consciousness. The way “I’m Him” shimmers is balanced by the Estelle-featuring “We Hungry,” which nearly growls; the spare, percussion-forward Ravyn Lenae duet “Need U 2 Know” (the stylization of its title a nod to Prince, one of Tres’s major influences) at delightful odds with the easy ride of “Gold Daytonas.” Head Rush shows the staggering array of styles Channel Tres can evoke. But that versatility is not the point in and of itself—the point is that all these component parts can be reassembled into something that feels uniquely personal, and honest.

Through his career, Tres has blended recognizable genres, textures, and points of view into a truly singular form all his own. Longtime listeners will recognize in Head Rush the hallmarks of a Channel Tres record: a mastery of rhythm, the rare ability to make songs sinister and fluorescent at once. But this LP also opens a new sonic world, one rife with unexpected terrain and hairpin turns—see the way “Type” takes what sounds at first to be a simple romantic boundary and stretches it out into an alien landscape. Or take “Berghain,” a song that nods to the kinetic live shows that became must-see events—a crescendo of interest that included his momentous Coachella 2022 performance and culminated, at least symbolically, with his early 2023 set at Berghain, the legendary Berlin club that has long been a musical hub of the Western world. “Berghain” is delirious but thumps almost impossibly hard, in line with the album as a whole—always molting, always ready to turn from the claustrophobic to the communal, as the pivot on “Joyful Noise” accomplishes so seamlessly. Head Rush also features some of Tres’s most deeply felt vocals to date, like the veritable bloodletting on “Two Ways.” 

And so the record, which also features Ty Dolla $ign ,Thundercat, Teezo Touchdown, Watr, Barney Bones and Toro y Moi, marks a new era for Channel Tres, personally as well as artistically. “I’m older now, and the things that I’ve accomplished tell me I’m ready to do this,” he says. “You’ve worked your whole life for this, you’ve been able to do these shows and walk into these rooms and make these songs. There’s no reason you have to live by the same insecurity that you had to use in years past.” Shedding that baggage accomplished exactly what it was meant to—lightening the load so we’re free to get heavier than ever.

Upcoming Live Dates

7/12 – Calgary, AB @ Badlands 2024 
8/3 – Inglewood, CA @ HARD Summer Music Festival 
8/9 – San Francisco, CA @ Outside Lands Festival 
8/16 – London, UK @ All Points East 2024 
8/18 – Hasselt, BEL @ Pukkelpop 2024 
9/13 – Victoria, BC @ Rifflandia 2024 
10/18 – Miami, FL @ III Points 2024

Channel Tres
Head Rush
(RCA Records)
June 28, 2024

1. Head Rush 
2. Black & Mild
3. Joyful Noise 
4. Traffic
5. Cactus Water 
6. Candy Paint feat. Thundercat
7. Berghain feat Barney Bones
8. Holy Moly feat. Ty Dolla $ign 
9. I’m Him 
10. Chain Hang Low feat. Teezo Touchdown
11. Need U 2 Know feat. Ravyn Lenae
12. Two Ways 
13. Aspen feat. Toro y Moi 
14. We Hungry feat. Estelle 
15. Type 
16. Gold Daytonas feat. Watr
17. Here


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