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“Alt-pop’s next big thing.” – WONDERLAND


Kacia is a testament to the new generation of rising creatives not afraid to defy conventionality and tease the boundaries of possibility.

Fresh off the triumph of his debut single, “Young Fun Dumb,” the rapidly ascending artist Kacia (known as Kieran Poling) makes a striking comeback with his second release, “Night Out”. A captivating track extracted from his highly anticipated debut album, ‘What If Life is Just A Movie.’

A poignant pop-ballad crafted in 2021,Night Out delves into Kacia’s profound journey of navigating through an incredibly challenging phase of life and the complexities of coping with uncertain circumstances. The song commences with gentle piano chords, accompanied by Kacia’s velvety-tinged vocals, which beautifully capture the essence of the track.

For Kacia, “Night Out” marks a significant turning point in his songwriting odyssey. He shares, “It was the first time I approached songwriting with unreserved honesty. The lyrics flowed effortlessly, almost like a stream of consciousness. Initially, the song began as an emotional outlet, but I soon realized that wasn’t the direction I wanted to take. Instead, it evolved into a compelling piece about striving for optimism in the midst of the darkest moments. It acknowledges a fleeting instant rather than dwelling on the direct pain.”

The captivating music video serves as a mesmerising artistic creation, seamlessly carrying forward the narrative thread initiated in the “Young Fun Dumb” video. Collaborating with the accomplished Tom Knibbs of Silent Visuals, the objective was to craft an ethereal and enchanting visual experience, offering viewers a glimpse into the intricacies of a youthful relationship. Taking the form of a nocturnal escapade, the video gracefully unfolds as it follows a couple embarking on a captivating car journey, evoking an otherworldly and celestial atmosphere.

Kacia’s “Night Out is not just a song; it’s a profound reflection on the human experience and the resilience that emerges when confronting life’s most formidable challenges. With each heartfelt note, Kacia captures the listener’s imagination, guiding them through a journey of introspection and self-discovery. As his debut album approaches, it becomes evident that Kacia’s evocative songwriting and soulful melodies will undoubtedly leave an indelible mark on the music scene.


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