“Alt-pop’s next big thing.” – WONDERLAND


Kacia is a testament to the new generation of rising creatives not afraid to defy conventionality and tease the boundaries of possibility.

Salt House Records is thrilled to announce the forthcoming release of Kacia’s latest single, “Plastic Straws,” set to drop on September 15th, 2023. This guitar-driven masterpiece, was co-written and produced with long time friend and artist Luke Adams AKA St Luna with additional production from Matt Fisher at Cave Studios and follows in the triumphant footsteps of his previous hit, “Night Out,” stands as the third entrancing chapter from Kacia’s highly anticipated debut album, poised for its grand unveiling in the forthcoming year of 2024. Accompanying the single is an emotionally charged music video that continues the captivating narrative initiated in his previous releases.

Plastic Strawsdelves deep into Kacia’s personal journey towards adulthood, offering listeners a poignant reflection on the pivotal changes occurring in his life. The song serves as a vivid recollection of his childhood, juxtaposed with the uncertain path that lies ahead, with the aim of transporting listeners into a dreamlike experience, encapsulating the essence of youthful innocence and showcasing the importance of friendship and the universal experiences that young adults encounter. This introspective theme of growth and change is further echoed in Kacia’s own words, as he reflects on his impending move to university and the chapter closing in his life.

As Kacia explains, “This song particularly focuses on what it means to leave home, written just as I was about to move to Uni, it was me thinking about how I’m no longer a child, and how everything changes from this point on. It was me coming to terms with the fact my friends and family no longer all live in one place, and possibly never will again. It’s recognition of a chapter closing in my life.”

The accompanying music video, shot in Kacia’s childhood home and featuring some of his closest friends, is a masterfully crafted visual narrative that explores the complexities of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood. Co-conceptualized with long-time collaborator Tom Knibbs, the video portrays a college friendship group receiving their University acceptance letters. The plot thickens when Kacia doesn’t get accepted to the same university as the rest of his friends, including his girlfriend, raising questions about the future of their relationships.

Kacia elaborates on the video’s concept stating; “I think it captures exactly what the songs about, it’s showing moving on to new things, a sort of optimism for what’s to come, but also what might be lost by moving away. This video poses the question as to whether or not the relationships will last from this point forward.”

With the release of Plastic Straw, Kacia brings the release of his debut album even closer, making a great addition to his growing discography. This single and its accompanying video not only mark a significant artistic milestone for Kacia but also provide a seamless continuation of the emotional and narrative journey he has embarked upon with his music.


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