“Joey Maxwell is somewhat of a tour de force” – CLASH MAGAZINE


Having entranced his devoted fanbase with a string of compelling singles and recently gracing the cover of Dork’s esteemed “Hype” playlist feature, Joey Maxwell stages a triumphant return with his latest opus, the aptly titled don’t know how to feel about this. Demonstrating a seamless evolution in his artistry and an ascent to newfound creative heights, the South London maestro stands in a league of his own. Drawn instantly to the pulsating rhythms of 90s garage, his latest body of work is a masterfully contemporary amalgamation of this genre fusion, driven by the intricate nuances of life and conscientious lyricism.

“don’t know how to feel about this was made out of desperation,” says Joey Maxwell. “I had recently become independent again and I was yearning to make something that truly represented me sonically. The EP was frantically recorded and mixed within a week and since that point I’ve just been feeding out songs and seeing what happens. That’s kind of how the name came about, I really don’t know what’s going to happen or if anyone will care but I’ve made something that truly reflects who I am.”

The EP commences with “shoelaces,” where Joey Maxwell adeptly leads us through a narrative set against the backdrop of a lively party, effectively reflecting the inner turmoil experienced by those excessively preoccupied with how they are perceived by others. Following this is his compelling single, “hollowing out,” an uplifting anthem that delves into embracing self-doubt. The deliberate juxtaposition of these two tracks is undeniable, and this same deliberate arrangement carries through into tracks three and four, “I Don’t Wanna Try” and “Like A Clown.” The EP culminates with “In A Way That I Could Never Love Myself,” and all within a 12-minute runtime, Joey Maxwell masterfully demonstrates a profound understanding of the synergy between lyrics and melodies, ensuring a continuous dialogue between these elements from one track to the next.

“Making this EP helped me to enjoy being creative again. proper DIY stuff scribbling on artworks and running round filming in public places, it’s a way better way to operate. Making music has always been my outlet, there was a point where I wanted to throw that away and give up but making this EP on my own terms has completely re-defined that relationship.” 

To complement the launch of the new project, a live performance has been made available on YouTube. This captivating concert experience allows fans the unique opportunity to partake in the rendition of the EP’s songs, featuring Joey Maxwell’s commanding vocals and magnetic stage presence.

Joey Maxwell has consistently received widespread praise for his previous releases. His remarkable talent has not only earned him a dedicated global fanbase but also garnered numerous accolades within the music industry. Notably, his debut mixtape, titled trying not to deep it, served as a brilliant showcase of his distinctive blend of bedroom pop. Drawing inspiration from diverse genres such as 90’s indie, R&B, jungle, and garage, he skillfully weaved together narratives that resonated with The Streets’ portrayal of contemporary life in Britain.

Backed by prestigious press outlets such as CLASH Magazine, Notion Magazine, DORK & DIY Magazine, this burgeoning singer-songwriter and producer undoubtedly embodies the vanguard of the UK’s new generation of artists. Seamlessly blending modern influences with his distinctive musical style, Joey Maxwell emerges as a remarkable talent on the rise. With the release of don’t know how to feel about this he is poised to solidify his status as an artist who can profoundly resonate with the emotions of his audience, leaving an enduring impression on their hearts.

don’t know how to feel about this TRACKLISTING

1. Shoelaces
2. hollowing out
3. I Don’t Wanna Try 
4. Like A Clown 
5. In A Way That I Could Never Love Myself


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