‘Truly captivating… awe invoking’ WONDERLAND

‘Her music has a weightless quality, something that transcends the ephemeral to grapple with key facets of our lives’ CLASH

Scheduled to grace the stage at the upcoming Pitchfork Festival in Berlin this November, Ghostly Kisses, the international sensation known for her 2022 debut album Heaven, Wait, which topped the Spotify Viral charts in a number of regions, emerges with a bold and resonant musical evolution, dubbed “Golden Eyes.”

Blending spirited melodies with a touch of wistful nostalgia, and weaving in the rhythmic tapestry of UK Garage drum beats, provided by George Fitzgerald and Louis-Étienne Santais who offered production on the track, this fresh single unfurls a narrative of romantic awakening within the intricate dynamics of friendship. It’s a track that stands tall, buoyed by Ghostly Kisses’ self-awareness, her defining strength, and her songwriting prowess, which serves as her vessel for profound expression. With spellbinding vocals, coupled with ingenious wordplay, Golden Eyesboasts an infectious hook that lingers. It’s more than just a song; it’s a therapeutic experience you might not have realized were waiting to be explore.

Ghostly Kisses explains, “Golden Eyes is about being in love with your best friend and how gauche it feels to finally admit it. The lyrics were inspired by a revelation from a fan we met on tour, about how hard and vertiginous it can be to express our true feelings to someone that we really love. The verses are intimate, almost like revealing the secret, and then the music opens in the choruses, uplifting the song with light and catchy melodies.”

After unveiling a pair of enchanting French singles during the summer months,Golden Eyesmarks the inaugural English release in a carefully orchestrated sequence of musical offerings set to unfold throughout 2023 and 2024. 

As her global Spotify streams approach the remarkable milestone of 100 million, and with recent support shows alongside Ry X, Men I Trust, Lord Huron, and Pomme, Ghostly Kisses is poised to solidify her presence on the international stage. This momentum is further underscored by her recent debut performances in China later this month, further solidifying her position as a trailblazer in the ethereal realm of music, captivating hundreds of thousands devoted followers worldwide.

The bonafide pop-star, born Margaux Sauvé, hails from a musical family in Quebec. Her musical journey commenced early on with her learning the violin. While she briefly attended the Conservatoire in Quebec, she soon found it lacking the element of fun and chose to chart her own musical path. Singing became a part of her repertoire later on, as she once believed that being a singer necessitated a powerful and booming voice, a stark contrast to her quiet and introspective nature. The pop music that surrounded her in Quebec during her formative years didn’t quite resonate with her. However, the spark of creativity was ignited during her studies in psychology at university, compelling her to venture into songwriting.

Margaux began creating music at a time when she was trapped in a toxic relationship, struggling to comprehend the situation. This challenging period heavily influenced her early music, resulting in a blend of sorrowful and exploratory themes. Over time, she came to realize the depth of her instinctive songwriting and the emotions she was conveying in her songs.


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