What the press is saying about Haich Ber Na:

“Haich Ber Na is shaping up to be a force in contemporary art.” (Best New Artist) Pigeons & Planes

“His creative ethos has worldwide implications.” OFFICE Magazine

“A unique talent with the potential to aid in the revitalisation of Indie-pop.” The Line of Best Fit

Haich Ber Na shares his new single and music video “Sandringham,” his first offering in almost two years that showcases his unique song production and powerful social commentary.

He artfully depicts a day in the life in his hometown of Peterborough, which was recently voted the most depressing place to live in the UK, nestled two hours away from the idealized Sandringham Estate owned by the British monarch. With this in mind, the artist offers tongue-in-cheek commentary on the bleak reality of the British working class, specifically, that of the rising generations. 

On this new single, Ber Na describes balancing minimum wage jobs and many failed attempts at enjoying what life has to offer all the while holding on to the dream of “one day [being] the richest man in Sandringham.” Through this, he highlights the shared dreams of British musicians who reside outside of London’s proverbial music scene and are unfortunately tasked with being realistic about the dreams they have always carried so close to their hearts. Rather than reach for the stars, they settle for Sandringham, England, providing a glimpse into the political and social landscape of the United Kingdom which has historically prioritized and defended the interests of their privileged population and whose class mobility has been at its most stagnant in recent years. 

Channeling the likes of N*E*R*D, M83 and Arcade Fire, “Sandringham” introduces Ber Na’s unorthodox electronic pop production, with a soulful quality to his vocals. This latest offering is the first taste of the eclectic aesthetic world that Haich Ber Na has developed over the past two years, expertly paired with a timeless sound that incorporates the best elements of the underground with commercial pop.


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