What the press is saying about Haich Ber Na: 

“Haich Ber Na is shaping up to be a force in contemporary art.” – (Best New Artist) Pigeons & Planes

“His creative ethos has worldwide implications.” – OFFICE Magazine

“surreal musical aesthetic and vivid electronic-pop production.” – CLASH Magazine

“A unique talent with the potential to aid in the revitalisation of Indie-pop.”  – The Line of Best Fit

Today, Haich Ber Na announces his debut album, The Everyday, due this upcoming September. The announcement arrives alongside his new single and music video, “Running Circles,” a satirical take on chance meetings that can easily snowball into shameful fantasies. The single follows his previous release and first offering in almost two years “Sandringham,” a harrowing depiction of the bleak realities experienced by the rising generations of the British working class.

A slight shift from the socio-political undertone of “Sandringham,” “Running Circles” sees Ber Na delving inwards while still maintaining an electronic pop production. Speaking on the track’s conception Ber Na shares, “‘Running Circles’ was the first song we made for the album. As soon as we got the chords and bass, we knew it would be the blueprint for the rest of the album. It birthed the ‘Happy Sad’ mantra I then followed when producing each song after. The ‘Happy Sad’ feel is this weird middle ground where certain pieces of music can make cry, reminisce, or be happy and present. Someone told me an Italian word ‘saudade’ which describes this feeling perfectly. I actually had the dictionary definition of ‘saudade’ as my phone Lock Screen for the entire year of making the album just to remind myself to put that feeling in different ways into each song.” He adds, “​​This song is like seeing someone on the train or in public and deeply fantasizing about them even though you’ll probably never even speak let alone get to know each other. Such a weird feeling cause it comes with innocence but also you feel some guilt.”

Keeping in line with the debut album’s title, Ber Na has always seen himself as a champion of the people. His music aims to speak to listeners on both a macro and micro level, saving a special place in his heart for the overlooked dreamers. His music defies easy categorization, as he blends elements of indie, electronica, and pop into the perfect backdrop for his introspective lyricism. Hailing from Peterborough, England, a city with a reputation for being one of the most depressing places to live in the UK, Haich Ber Na is no stranger to worldbuilding, an aspect of his artistry that has helped his music find its way onto FIFA soundtracks and Netflix’s drama series Elite. Fusing his eclectic aesthetic with elements of underground and commercial pop, he invites listeners to explore the complexities of the human experience. 

“Running Circles” single artwork by @geraymena


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