Ahead of the European Athletics Championships this summer, singer-songwriter Grace Davies releases ‘Illuminate’, as the official 2024 championship track. Embodying the drama, energy, and passion that define world athletics, ‘Illuminate’ is an anthem that is poised to become the rallying cry for many athletes and fans alike.

Perfectly capturing the fiery essence of the championships, the electrifying track was written by Grace Davies, Ben Lythe and Paul Whalley. She and Paul produced the track and it was mastered at the iconic Abbey Road Studios in London. Featuring pulsing piano, driving drums and a tense build up to a euphoric chorus, the track propels the listener through an emotional journey akin to that of an athlete giving their all to train, sacrifice and perform for the ultimate prize. Grace beautifully delivers her inspiring words: your heartbeat is a reminder that you’re stronger than you know, when it gets dark and you can’t find your way, hold your heart up, illuminate.

The European Athletics Championships will take place during June 2024, hosted in the glorious city of Rome. Illuminate is set to be unleashed to the world 50 days from the start of the event, on Thursday 18 April, just in time to ignite the excitement and anticipation for the championships.

Speaking about the honour of composing the track, Grace expressed her enthusiasm, stating: “I was so flattered to have been approached to provide the official song for the European Athletics Championships, not only as an artist but also as a writer. There is a huge amount of trust there and it is a real privilege to be granted such a massive opportunity. I hope we have made something that is going to inspire the thousands of athletes competing and narrate their experience through the good and the bad – something I can relate to. I have a busy year of releases ahead, and this is a spectacular way to kick things off. I feel very lucky and can’t wait to hear this song soundtrack such an inspiring event across Europe and beyond.”

Team GB athlete Holly Mills, a heptathlete who will compete in Rome between the 7th and 12th June 2024, was at Abbey Road Studios to witness the final mastering of the track. “The song really blew my mind,” she said. “Grace’s voice is incredible, and it has so much energy behind it. It is going straight on my running playlist.”


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