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exhibition mode due June 21st via deadAir

Brooklyn’s own producer, DJ, and multifaceted creative dazegxd announces his sophomore album exhibition mode due June 21st via deadAir. Alongside the album’s announcement, dazegxd shares the lead single “won’t tell nobody,” a glitchy and high energy dance track to introduce the electric sound of the new full length album.

The 14-tracks of exhibition mode serve as a creative self-portrait of the 22-year-old artist amidst his rise from underground and cultish live performances at late night events in New York City. exhibition mode is full of sonic influences from his home in Flatbush; from various video game soundtracks and classic to contemporary hip-hop along with the undulating beats underneath the best Brooklyn drill, all blended seamlessly with a veneer of internet-age electronica. The creation was an exercise in loosening himself from the restrictions of a “by-the-books” album style and stews the ideals of many different genres and sounds into one cohesive body of work. exhibition mode marks dazegxd’s second full-length with deadAir following his debut album vKiss released in 2021. With exhibition mode, dazegxd shares, “I want to do what vKiss couldn’t. . . but most importantly, I want it to be heard and felt.”

Last year, dazegxd teamed up with quinn for their collaborative dSX.fm EP, which was lauded by Pitchfork, who stated, “dazegxd’s music hits like a big fuzzball of electric emotion.” In 2021, dazegxd released his aforementioned debut album vKiSS, to which The FADER praised the producer, stating his “playful approach prioritizes fluidity and vibrancy” while Pitchfork said that dazegxd “melds a variety of different electronic subgenres into a bright and tender sound” on vKiss. To date, the producer-DJ has played a sold-out show at The Sultan Room as direct support for Bad Tuner, opened for ericdoa and juno at The Bowery Ballroom, and continues to spin across the US with frequent collaborators Dirty Bird and Swami Sound. Additionally, dazegxd has syncs in the Billionaire Boys Club x G-Shock Ice Cream watch campaign with his track “Way 2 Good (idc)” and in the indie game Night-Runner Prologue by Planet Jem with “Emotion Engine.”

Making beats from his Brooklyn bedroom, dazegxd is spearheading the DIY dance music movement through live events, an abundance of new releases, and a leading role at artist collective and record label, Eldia. Through dazegxd’s variety of ventures and collaborations, they hope to introduce people to the jungle, drum n bass, and house music, as well as contribute to the genres as much as they’ve impacted him. 

exhibition mode
June 21st, 2024

1. undefined
2. way 2 good (idc)
3. i don’t (w/ Mon)
4. on 2 u
5. won’t tell nobody
6. a million and one
7. rock dem
8. touch & kiss
9. one more eye (w/ Moh Baretta)
10. hate it on your own (w/ SARIBIGMAD)
11. bang my shit
12. on n on (interlude)
13. girl of the century (w/ AF1Shawty)
14. touch the sky


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