Emerging as a dynamic force in the music industry, the talented duo Dawn & Prax, comprising Karim Benchekroun (24) and Hamza Ben Addou Idrissi (26), proudly presents their latest single, “When The Song Is Over”. With a shared passion for Pop and Electronic Music, these Moroccan-born artists have achieved significant recognition with releases on esteemed labels like Selected, MrSuicideSheep, and Lowly, amassing over 5 million streams worldwide.

When The Song Is Over” is a mesmerizing musical journey that transcends the boundaries of genres, inviting listeners to experience a blend of electronic beats and poignant lyrical storytelling. This emotionally charged track explores themes of self-love and personal growth, encouraging listeners to confront their problems rather than escape from them.

Dawn & Prax have evolved artistically, showcasing their versatility and creativity as musicians. This single marks a pivotal moment in their career as they incorporate more elements of pop music, demonstrating their dedication to evolving their sound.In their own words, Dawn & Prax express the significance of “When The Song Is Over” in their artistic journey: “This track is deeply personal and introspective. It underscores the importance of self-love and addresses the tendency we all have to escape from our problems instead of confronting and growing from them. ‘When The Song Is Over’ also reflects our evolution as artists, as we embrace new dimensions of pop music.

With their relocation to Los Angeles, Dawn & Prax are poised to propel their musical journey to even greater heights. This release reaffirms their commitment to creating meaningful music that resonates with listeners on a profound level.


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