Iconic Leeds Venue Fibre celebrates their fifth Fibre Records release.

Fibre Records launches into 2024 with a compelling House track from Fibre resident Conner Jay. Pairing succinct piano stabs with uplifting vocals to create a euphoric atmosphere atop a driving beat with unparalleled energy, Q The Love is yet another uplifting House Banger from the Fibre crew. Stamping their mark on the modern house scene with their recent run of releases this is an essential anthem in the making.

Conner Jay’s authentic passion for music traces back to his formative years at age of 10, when his mum would bring him promotional CD’s from renowned UK Speed Garage and Bassline nights in Yorkshire from the likes of Casa Loco, Niche and Boiler House.

As Conner got older, he found himself drawn to House music and focused on this sound through his years of learning to DJ & Produce, while still incorporating the classic Speed Garage style in his sets, paying homage to his musical roots.The infectious piano stabs and electrifying basslines in Q The Love  serve as a testament to the sound that Conner is deeply drawn to and has dedicated years to perfecting through practice.

Reflecting on the successful Fibre brand, it first opened its doors in 2000’s and has continued its monumental impact upon Leeds’ nightlife ever since. As an innovative venue, it remains a safe space for all to enjoy a night out in the city. Partygoers have consistently been flocking to Fibre for the past 24 years and show no sign of slowing. Its appeal alongside its local talent spectrum bridges the gap between the more traditional LGBTQ+ bars in the area and straight venues (where not everyone is always actively made feel welcome).

Fibre itself has become a resilient institution for the people of Leeds and far beyond, standing for equality, freedom and originality at every turn. With music at its core and primary focus, it remains ahead of the game as genres fluidly come and go. Built upon the foundations of Funky House that was broadly undiscovered in Leeds at the time when it first cycled. The venue has steadily maintained its sonic prominence by continually evolving its sound alongside the changes and trends in the House Music scene, across the decades of club focussed activity.

Last year, after 23 years of iconic parties, the Fibre crew made the decision to launch their in-house record label Fibre Records.

Co-Owner Michael Rothwell says: “The concept of launching a record label centred around Fibre and its distinctive sound has always been a topic of discussion, but the timing never seemed quite right. Now, after an incredible 23 years and the launch of our book, we are finally ready to introduce Fibre to the rest of the world with our very own label, Fibre Records. Our mission is clear: to release dance floor filling tracks that embody the unique and captivating sound experienced week after week at Fibre.”

With solid releases like Conner Jay’s ‘Q The Love’ the imprint is fast gaining traction on the charts and becoming a staple for cutting edge talent of today. 


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