Ondewey Music bosses 2smile return with their latest outing ‘Nowsex’. Following up from their previous single Guerilla which saw the pair continue their exploration into deeper and melodic sounds, Nowsex see’s the duo delve into darker territory.

Delivering a bass infused techy number that provides the raw energy appropriate for any dark basement whilst simultaneously supplying a relentless drive that is assured to rock any huge club soundsystem alike. Fueled with a thumping kick that immediately resonates through your chest, eerie synth tones build in tension and the monstrous bass will rattle your windows. Nowsex’s sonic prowess is yet another prime example of 2smile’s unique ability to create club ready dance floor heaters of any genre style.

For decades, French innovators Axel Franchi and Benjamin Guerini have been continually showcasing their passion for electronic music. Originating from Marseille, they are renowned for their respective Sound System’s OQP + METEK and pioneering the Hard Tekno and Tekno movement having gained a resilient reputation for hosting some of the biggest European Free parties where they have also performed under their many different pseudonyms including XTECH,OKUPE and BEN METEK.

Nowsex highlights the duo’s fourth single of the year on their own Ondawey Music imprint where their ear for eclecticism has caught the attention of their industry peers. Receiving widespread acclaim from industry mainstays such as Paco Osuna, Alex Medina, Terry Francis, DJ Ross assures the definitive impact they’re currently making on the worldwide dance scene.

This year will see the Ondawey bosses open their label up with forthcoming releases from past collaborators Sekael and Jade Praize, serving as a platform to showcase cutting edge and emerging artists. The dynamic duo will actively see the return of their highly successful label showcases with proposed events in France, Spain, UK and the Netherlands this year.

With an output that is both proudly energetic and melodic, fluidly mixing genres whilst incorporating elements of music from across the world, their top class productions, combined with their abundant stage presence, makes the duo a unique cocktail that excites crowds, creating a magical and unforgettable party atmosphere every time. 


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