Yeat season is officially upon us with the release of latest album 2093. Punctuated by a number of superstar collaborations including Future and Lil Wayne, Yeat reaches an even more experimental sound throughout the 22-track project, proving that he can’t be defined by a singular genre or style as he continues his rise to superstardom. 2093 has been one of the rap sensation’s most highly anticipated albums to date, but now the wait is finally over as Yeat catapults the world into the future where he takes his place as CEO. 2093 is out now via Field Trip/Capitol Records/Universal Music Canada.

Teasing for 2093 kicked off last Fall when Lyfestyle Corporation was born, a utilitarian dystopia set in the year 2093 governed by Yeat as CEO. Starting with eerie propaganda-like videos showcasing all the ways Yeat’s future promises a ‘better life’, it quickly became apparent that he was planning something massive. As the world around Lyfestyle Corporation continued to grow, projections warning that ‘2093 is coming’ appeared on iconic landmarks around the world – including Big Ben in London, The Arc de Triomphe in Paris, and most recently a crop circle just outside Kansas City, MO. The last Lyfestyle Corporation video dropped this week alongside Yeat’s official album announcement, promising fans that their CEO ‘hears you,’ ‘knows what you want,’ and that their ‘patience and loyalty shall be rewarded’. Now, 2093 has finally arrived, see full track-listing below.

2093 Track-list:
1.    Psycho CEO
2.    Power Trip
3.    Breathe
4.    Morë
5.    Bought The Earth
6.    Nothing Changë
7.    U Should Know
8.    Lyfestylë (with Lil Wayne)
9.     ILUV
10.   Tell më
11.   Shade
12.   Keep Pushin
13.   Riot & Set it off
14.   Team ceo
15.   2093
16.   Stand On It (with Future)
17.   Familia
18.   Mr. Inbetweenit
19.   Psychocainë
20.   Run Thëy Mouth
21.   If We Being Rëal
22.   1093

album artwork


Auto-Tuned melodies, distinctive vocals, wild production choices, and clever, scene-stealing bars are all highlights of Portland, Oregon-based rapper Yeat’s captivating style. Viral online attention and acknowledgment from Drake added to Yeat’s growing profile, and he signed on with Interscope Records for the release of his 2021 studio debut, Up 2 Më. 2022’s 2 Alivë and Lyfë both reached the Top Ten of the Billboard 200, and 2023’s AftërLyfe became his first Top Five entry.

Yeat was born Noah Smith in 2000. He began releasing music around 2015, taking notes from Young Thug‘s melodic strangeness and the inventive production styles of rappers who were rising to prominence as he grew up. He started out using the moniker Lil Yeat, but shortened it to Yeat in 2018. That year, he released his first mixtape, Deep Blue Strips. From that point forward, he was in hyperdrive, releasing three mixtapes in 2019, two EPs in 2020, and sporadic singles that appeared amid his other projects. The rapper broke through in 2021 when his song “Gët Busy” began appearing in TikTok videos. The track became so ubiquitous that its lyrics were even referenced by Drake.

As his fame skyrocketed, Yeat released the mixtapes Alivë and 4L, and the Trëndi EP, before signing to Interscope for the release of his first proper studio album. Up 2 Më was issued in September 2021 and made it to the lower tier of the Billboard Top 200 chart. A second studio LP, 2 Alivë, quickly followed in early 2022 and leapt up the Billboard chart to a number six debut. Subsequent EP Lyfë appeared that September and reached number ten. The full-length AftërLyfe arrived in 2023 and was another success, reaching number four on the Billboard 200.


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