“West-London via New York, she’s climbing the charts as one of the up-and-coming artists to watch out for…” WONDERLAND Magazine

Following on from the Valentines drop “Heart Over Head”, an introspective single that explored the intricacies of a previous relationship. The rising pop sensation Skye Houston is back, however, this time setting the tone with her latest unapologetic release, “Mommy Issues”. Putting her foot down, Skye Houston reclaims her strength in this empowering anthem, created for pop victory.

Harnessed with a tell-all and unapologetic energy, Skye Houston’s fearless lyricism sits at the forefront of this captivating release. Built atop of a pulsing production speckled with percussive elements that are bound to make your head bop, Mommy Issues is a toast to self-growth and enforcing boundaries. Saying goodbye to ‘f*ckboys’ and letting things slide, Skye Houston enforces her power in this addictive anthem.

Speaking on the meaning behind the track, Skye Houston shared, ”Mommy issues is about the boys in our generation who are too immature to date, leading to the assumption that they must have mommy issues. The boys in our generation seem to be growing up very slowly and this song tries to highlight that from a playful point of view. Girls in our generation are a lot more badass and won’t settle for anything less than what they deserve, none of these immature boys with mommy issues will be able to date girls like us”

Making her debut in 2022 with “Joyride” alongside her relocation to America [New York], Skye Houston set her sights on music and has since released a string of must-have singles. Swiftly followed by Company which turned the heads  of WONDERLAND Magazine, the singer-songwriter isn’t taking her foot off the pedal this year. Kick starting 2024 with “Heart Over Head”, Skye Houston is heading for a new and refreshed creative era filled with consistency.

Originally residing from Shepherds Bush in West London, Skye Houston stumbled across her love for music at 13-years-old. Receiving mentoring from Javier, the former drummer of Stereophonics, Javier inspired Skye to pursue music and in turn help shape her songwriting ability. Journeying to the age of 16, Skye realised she wanted to turn her passion into a career and became more committed than ever. Drawing from personal experiences lyrically, Skye Houston has formed a tight relationship with her listeners as she bares all with vulnerability throughout her catalogue.

Studying philosophy in America, Skye Houston isn’t afraid to admit she’s an overthinker who struggles with anxiety. Channelling her thoughts into her music, creating songs acts as a form of therapy for the newcomer.  Infusing R&B, soul and pop elements in her music, Skye Houston encapsulates all the moving parts to make up pop victory. As we gear up for another year of exciting releases, Skye Houston will be quick to solidify herself as a force to be reckoned with over the coming years.


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