One of Trapwave’s founding fathers M Huncho releases his new single ‘Crazy Titch’ with long-term collaborator Quincy on production. ‘Crazy Titch’ was written towards the end of last year when Huncho finally broke out of his deal and was celebrating life and his independence.

The nostalgic beat allowed Huncho to reflect on how far he’s come and what he’s achieved throughout his career. He is the same person within, with the same values and morals, but he is grateful for what his success has provided him with and how far his hustle has got him. Huncho worked very closely with Director Lx – who has also worked with Stromzy, Dave, Central Cee, Unknown T and Knucks – to bring his video idea to life, each scene perfectly reflecting his bars and lived experiences.

An anonymous North West London icon, Huncho is living proof that keeping your head down and working hard reaps rewards. Five projects deep and billions of streams to his name, he’s now at the start of a new era of music and life, having recently become a proud dad, and feels more motivated than ever to create and provide for those closest to him.

Throughout his career, Huncho feels people have misunderstood him, often judging a book by its cover. Still, the ethos behind anonymity is more profound than meets the eye. He intends to remove prejudice and hopes that anyone, despite their origins or beliefs, can connect with his music. Huncho has always prioritised his music and built a state-of-the-art home studio where he spends most of his time while having a genuine love for fashion, art and comedy.

Having worked with Lucien Clarke on his mask and the likes of Reuben Dangoor on the ‘Chasing Euphoria’ artwork, Huncho has continuously proved his ability to spot talent and has gone on to work with and champion some of the world’s most disruptive and innovative individuals.

Huncho has provided the scene with some of its best projects, freestyles and interviews over his career to date. He set the tone early on with ‘Utopia’ – which includes his most popular single to date ’Tranquility’ – followed up with two Top 5 projects, including ‘Huncholini The 1st’ and later ‘Chasing Euphoria’, which dropped last year.

Huncho has worked alongside Headie One, Nafe Smallz, D Block Europe, and Nines, on his recent crop circles project and has built a global fanbase in the process. His Mad About Bars has amassed over 27 million, and his appearances on Gas Works and Chicken Shop Date have gone down in the history books.


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