Tokio Myers shared his new classical piano single ‘Waves (Étude No. I) – [Alt. Version]’, taken from his forthcoming sophomore album Awake But Dreaming, due for release later this year. Creating music has always been a much bigger mission for Tokio, and ‘Waves (Étude No. I) – [Alt. Version]’ is one of his most emotional pieces to date. Inspired by some of the darkest moments he’s experienced in his life whilst retaining an undercurrent of hope, the stunning piece is one of Tokio’s most outstanding compositions to date.

Opening with subtle sounds of rippling water, created through delicately played complex piano notes and rhythms to emulate the sound of ocean water, the track patiently builds to a symphony of raw expression, where distant screams and haunting reverbs plunge the listener into ocean-like depths of love, loss and unanswered questions which Tokio vulnerably explores.

Tokio explains, “‘Waves’ is a reflection on life; my life, the people I know, the people I don’t know, but more so that someone I shared my pivotal years with but later became distant. Now they are no longer here, it’s a goodbye piece, a questioning why piece, a piece that doesn’t necessarily have the answers right now.

I spent a lot of time carving out the production sounds to compliment the piano’s light, ocean-like energy. The vocal screams you hear are sounds that I heard in my head whilst going through a very dark time, a time where I was trying to figure out what this beautiful thing called life is all about.

‘Waves’ can be a direct portal to feelings one might be holding back. Just know that the tide always makes its way back to shore. No matter how far away it travels, no matter how rough the journey, it always finds its way home.”

Taken from his upcoming new album ‘Awake But Dreaming, Tokio is also set to head out on tour this May. Playing an intimate series of UK dates in cities including London, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow and more, fans will have the opportunity to witness Tokio’s technical prowess and transcendent musical abilities as he performs pieces from his new solo classical album, alongside a selection of his cinematic pieces and traditional classics.

Discussing his forthcoming larger collection of work, Tokio continues, “I wanted to explore creating a record that would allow myself to help us to tap into other existing dimensions not yet explored or yet discovered – like a guided meditation using only the piano. We follow each note as it leads us to our very own personal gateway / portal. Allowing us to dive into our conscious and unconscious state of being. We begin entering the state of being awake but dreaming – once there, this is the place where our journey truly begins – emotive, therapeutic and like a great friend, this album will always be there for you when you need it.” 


After winning Britain’s Got Talent in 2017, Tokio Myers went on to reach #4 in the Official UK Album Chart with his debut cinematic album ‘Our Generation. Being the only pianist to accomplish this feat, the album went on to sell over 100,000 copies in the UK alone. Tokio’s clandestine approach to writing and performing classical and contemporary music is what sets him apart from his peers. Drawing on his life experiences, Tokio turns them into cleverly constructed compositions, which seamlessly integrates music from the past and present. 

Tokio has performed sold out tours throughout the UK as part of his ‘Our Generation’ tour. He’s performed twice at London’s iconic Royal Albert Hall, supported by none other than The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for Classic FM Live. As a Classic Brit Award Winner for PPL’s Breakthrough ‘Artist of the Year’, he also co-produced the ‘Artists for Grenfell’ charity single in support of The London Community Foundation. He has performed to a sellout audience at MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas and impressed crowds at the FIFA Fan Festival for the World Cup in 2022 with 60,000 attendees in total. More recently he has received critical acclaim, collaborating with Jaeger Le Coultre as part of the ‘Made of Makers’ programme – an opportunity which led to Tokio featuring in Vogue (HK) GQ (Japan) and The New York Times, as well as seeing him perform in the US, UK and China.

Recently announced, Tokio will hit the road in 2024 bringing his stunning ‘Awake But Dreaming live show to various venues around the UK. Excited to connect with his audience, these beautiful shows will see Tokio performing pieces from his solo classical album as well as adding a selection of his cinematic pieces and traditional classics to this tour, showcasing not only his technical prowess, but also inviting fans to experience which artists inspired and influenced the musical genius we know and love today. 

If I hadn’t gone to dark places in life and explored as much as possible the extremities of music, then I could’ve never understood how beautiful & perfect simple music is – I’ve learnt after all these years that my training and experimenting were essential, in order for me to finally understand, appreciate, and truly feel how to play the most simplest of pieces – it feels like an awakening,” says Tokio.


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