Off the back of Naughty Boy collab, the young RnB talent teams up with award-winning spoken word artist

There’s Always Something’ is a sweet and soulful track from Irish singer/songwriter THEO, which features the award winning spoken word artist Sophia Thakur.

The soulful string-laden Neo-soul/R&B track captures the essence of emotional exhaustion in relationships. Written during the depths of lockdown, the driving beat and repetition of lyrics create a hypnotic yet restless quality, emphasising “the feeling of being trapped in a cycle of disappointment in a relationship where the same issues re-occur constantly”, in THEO’s words.

“‘There’s Always Something’ conveys the frustration of trying so hard to make a relationship work, always giving but never receiving ”, THEO says about the track. “I feel like there is still a glimmer of hope that shines through. The lyrics suggest that although the faith in the relationship may be dwindling, it hasn’t been completely lost.”

Meanwhile, Sophia’s mesmerising lyricism shines through, as the pair deliver a blend of perspectives which delves into the reality of women giving their all to a relationship, highlighting their strength, vulnerabilities and inner battles they face. 

With recognition from RTE1 and 2M, and Spotify Editorial playlists, THEO blends smooth vocals with her endearing chaotic energy that she pours into her songwriting. Following a string of successful releases, THEO was discovered by Grammy-winning artist Naughty Boy and the pair are now close collaborators. Together, they have written 20+ songs together and she now also writes for other artists he is developing.

Sophia Thakur has captivated audiences from the Glastonbury stage to the Ted Talks stage, her powerful messages on mental health, diversity, politics, and empowerment. Her debut book ‘Somebody Give This Heart a Pen’ became a global #1 Bestseller and she was recently featured in Forbes’ 30 Under 30


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