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Today, (18th August) Theo Adler releases his brand new single ‘Old City Souls’ and announces his debut EP Revealer to be released 11th November. Taking inspiration from post-punk, drum and bass, and down tempo, the song is an expression about the preconceptions vs the reality of growing up in London. With a nod to some of the characters Theo has met since living in the city, the stories told are some that you just simply couldn’t make up.

Born in London, Theo Adler began playing piano and guitar at the age of five and later started writing songs after hearing Ben Folds Five’s Whatever And Ever Amen. Inspired by the likes of Ian Dury, Rolling Stones, Gorillaz, Jungle and Radiohead, Theo weaves his own spin into the songs and recordings he makes. Speaking of ‘Old City Souls’, he says, “I wrote this thinking that some things can be better expressed through music than words. The main riff is a major/minor riff, expressing that feeling. With the drums we wanted to go for something fast and I was hoping to go down the drum and bass route, as I was a teenage fan of the genre”

Since he was young, Theo has been making music and trying to find new areas in his writing which personally gave him excitement/fulfilment. “I would call it a brit-rock fusion,” continues Theo about the forthcoming EP. “I listen to anything really and am always finding elements of those that I like, too many that I can’t list them. Being passionate about production myself, I finished school with a couple hundred demos made using Logic Pro 9, which I was eager to show to anyone I could”

After travelling the likes of Germany and South East Asia, the EP has been written over the course of five years. In 2019, Theo started collaborating with producer Luke Potashnick at his new studio The Wool Hall in Somerset. Previously occupied by Tears for Fears and Van Morrison, The Wool Hall has also seen the likes of The Smiths, Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Stones and Paul Weller passing through. Theo continues, “I was lucky enough to be introduced to Luke Potashnick- a fellow South London native- and I was instantly smitten by his musicality and his sonic style. We made an initial demo together that turned out great and once Luke had set up in Somerset at his new studio, we got to work on this EP”

“We recorded about half of the songs before I needed to go back to keep working, making ends meet in London teaching piano and guitar. During this time I travelled to Thailand for a couple of weeks, which really inspired me, and wrote a few songs – about three of those ended up being in this EP. What was really enjoyable was experiencing the spin Luke added to them”

With a broad blend of genres, Theo’s music is truly a marvellous mixture of some of the greats. Storytelling and creating a unique musical fusion, his music is a better version of himself that inspires others to do the same. 


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