“Dublin electronic duo making the world their own..” – CLASH 
“aims to illuminate the connection of human emotion to creative outputs”– MIXMAG

The Cope, a sensational duo composed of the dynamic talents of David Anthony Curley and Joe Furlong, return with their latest triumph, Find Another Way.” This new release is yet another shining example of their remarkable talent for infusing human emotion into their meticulously crafted music and visuals, showcasing their unwavering ability to connect with audiences far and wide. With a rhythmic pulse reminiscent of iconic 90s dance classics, “Find Another Way” emerges as an immediate catalyst for the dance floor, evoking the profound themes of heartbreak and yearning that once defined hits like Rui Da Silva’s “Touch Me” and Robin S.’ timeless “Show Me Love”. 

Joe Furlong delves into the essence of the track, articulating, “A desire for connection is the most human of all needs. It can be very easy for what was once a deep love to be lost over time, maybe due to complacency, communication breakdown, or just through life getting in the way. It’s in these moments that we’re forced to ask ourselves if the energy required to fix the fractures is worth expending. Memories can be all-consuming, which makes it even harder to know when to let someone go. ‘Find Another Way’ asks what can be done to keep a love alive when all else seems to have failed.

Find Another Way follows in the footsteps of The Cope’s previous release, “Back on My Bullshit,” which received accolades from media tastemakers around the world, including CLASH MAGAZINE, MIXMAG, KALTBULT MAGAZINE, and more. The duo’s illustrious discography boasts an impressive array of tracks, including “True Romance,” “I Am Stretched On Your Grave,” and “End Time.” With the release of “Find Another Way,” The Cope continues to solidify their position as a creative force to be reckoned with, captivating hearts and souls with their unique blend of music and visuals.

The photography work by Nicha Rodboon and the artistic craftsmanship of Rob The Studio in designing the artwork collectively encapsulate the very essence of “Find Another Way,” ensuring that every visual facet resonates as profoundly as the music itself. 


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