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Following the resounding success of her cinematic single, “Falling Down,” in 2022, and the Swedish Grammy-nominated debut album, Being The Girl, released in 2021, indie sensation Linn Koch-Emmery is poised for an exhilarating start to 2024 with the launch of her latest single, “Ebay Armour.”

Teaming up closely with the acclaimed producer Pete Robertson of The Vaccines, recognized for his collaborations with artists such as Beabadobee, Clairo, and Orla Gartland, Linn Koch-Emmery has dedicated over a year to meticulously crafting a musical masterpiece, signifying a transformative chapter in her artistic journey. This collaboration with Robertson has uncovered a newfound depth of vulnerability and emotion, propelling Linn to explore more authentic and sincere storytelling, evident in “Ebay Armour” and providing an enticing glimpse into her upcoming sophomore album, scheduled for release in May 2024.

“Ebay Armour,” is a captivating modern indie-rock tune that has been carefully produced. The tune’s hazy sonics and reverb-soaked vocals, characteristic of Linn’s distinct style, are complemented by a surprising versatility that will both engage and intrigue listeners. The lyrics of the song traverse a complex emotional landscape, touching on themes of frustration, escapism, introspection, and a yearning for positive change.

Reflecting on the inspiration behind the new single, Linn shared, “Trauma and grief has its own illogical ways. Sometimes we cope with it through substances, others by buying a life sized armour off the internet. This song is about a person close to me, that I never really figured out.”

Hailing from Hamburg, Germany, and raised in Norrköping, Sweden, Linn Koch-Emmery’s musical journey began as a lifeline during her childhood and teenage years. ” I was an anxious kid,” she reveals. “Listening to music was an escape; a lot of things suddenly made sense.” Despite lacking a musical upbringing, Linn’s independent connection to music propelled her to follow her passion.

In her childhood, Linn immersed herself in daydreams fueled by music, envisioning a future where she played in a band and wrote songs. Her early attempts at forming a band with her twin sister and friends eventually evolved into a solo career, marked by the release of her 2018 EP, Waves which included the popular track, “Don’t Sleep on My Luv,” and then her debut album, Being the Girl, in 2021. The critically acclaimed album, nominated for a Swedish Grammy, solidified Linn’s position as a talented storyteller with a unique lyrical style and infectious hooks. Her success has taken her on tours across Germany, the U.S, U.K, and Mexico, including supporting acts for Liam Gallagher and Los Bitchos, as well as performances at renowned festivals such as Roskilde, Bestival, Way Out West, and Sommer Am See.

As Linn Koch-Emmery unveils her latest single, Ebay Armour,” the anticipation for her upcoming album continues to mount, promising an enthralling musical journey that encapsulates the essence of her evolution as an artist. Positioned on the brink of establishing herself as one of the most captivating contenders for inclusion in the 2024 ‘Ones to Watch’ lists, she rides the wave of momentum, poised for a global takeover.

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