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Step into the world of LUCIIA, the Grammis nominated R&B sensation whose roots stretch from the streets of Havana, Cuba, to the eclectic scene of Malmö, Sweden. Born into a musical family, LUCIIA’s journey began at the age of 4,gracing the stage and spending time in the studio since childhood.

Her voice transcends borders, leading her to collaborate with Grammy-winning creatives in the US and UK. The pinnacle of her career unfolded in 2023 when she was handpicked by Coldplay to support them on tour, a true testament to her rising star power.

The debut EP “365” marked a turning point, earning not just one but two nominations for Best R&B/Soul at the Swedish Grammis and Manifest gala. LUCIIA’s performances across the US and Europe showcased her magnetic stage presence.

As the year came to a close, LUCIIA continued her ascentwith the release ofher sophomore project, “WITH II EYES.” The project was nominated for best Soul/R&B by Gaffa and at Manifestgalan and garnered remarkable recognition from industry tastemakers, including Timbalands praise, BBC 1Xtra’s Dj Ace, CLASH Mag, Wonderland Mag, Ellie Prohan at Kiss Fm and Apple Radio’s Rebecca Judd. Now, the world eagerly awaits what this musical force will unveil next, as LUCIIA’s journey unfolds with an enigmatic blend of talent, passion, and international acclaim.

During the spring, LUCIIA spent some time in LA collaborating with likeminded creatives like Dende, Phabo, Dj Camper, TAVE, Alex Vaughn and Hamzaa. She also did a couple performances in London with Acoustic Live and RNBRIT. Her latest headline show took place in Stockholm accompanied by Dj Ace (Kiss Fm) and Aida Lae.

Sofar Sounds featured LUCIIA on the series Listening Room on YouTube.

June 13th LUCIIA finally released her next single COMPROMISES, a evocative track that delves into the complexities of modern relationships, where titles and definitions often create more confusion than clarity. The verses capturea candid conversation between two people struggling to align their perspectives. With a blend of frustration and raw honesty, the lyrics navigate the tension between emotional attachment and the desire for simplicity.

In the pre-chorus, the song challenges the need for labels, suggesting that understanding isn’t always necessary for something to work. The chorus echoes this sentiment, highlighting the futility of compromises when the foundation isn’t right.

This powerful piece resonates with anyone who’s ever felt the strain of trying to make a relationship fit into predefined molds, ultimately reminding us that some things just aren’t meant to be, no matter how hard we try.


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