Swedish pop superstar Darin releases his brand-new single ‘Electric’, globally today via Helix Records. With more than half a billion streamsto his name, eight number one albums in his home country and multiple Swedish Grammy wins, Darin is Sweden’s most successful male pop artist.

Now, he’s launching his latest era with ‘Electric. The synth-pop gem brims with bright melodies and catchy hooks, encapsulating the joy, euphoria and electric level of connection that can be found when you might least expect it: “Wasn’t looking for nothing here tonight / Only came for the music and the lights / Didn’t know I needed more / Then you walked in, caught me by surprise.”

Speaking about the track, Darin says, “‘Electric’ was inspired by a night out with my friends, and all we wanted to do was listen to great music and dance. That evening, unexpectedly I met someone special – it’s funny how you can meet someone when you least expect it, who’s energy really just pulls you in. This song is about those moments and capturing that feeling”.


With more than half a billion streams to his name, eight number one albums in his home country and multiple Swedish Grammy wins, Darin is Sweden’s most successful male pop artist.

Born and raised in Stockholm, Darin grew up idolising pop icons like Madonna, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston. His dream was always to become a singer-songwriter, so he started recording music – and speaking to record labels – when he was just 14.

Two years later, he entered the first ever season of Swedish Idol in an effort to speed up the process. After finishing in second place, Darin duly signed a record contract with Sony BMG. His 2005 debut single ‘Money for Nothing’, a playful self-empowerment bop written by Robyn, stormed to number one

Since then, Darin has never looked back. He has racked up eight number one albums in Sweden and scored huge hits with everything from self-penned folk ballads (‘En säng av rosor, Ta mig tillbaka’) to a soaring cover of Coldplay’s Viva La Vida.

For Darin, coming out publicly in August 2020 kickstarted a period of personal growth that has led to him feeling more comfortable and confident than ever before. “I’ve become even more me – almost like when you’re a kid and you don’t overthink things too much,” he says. “It’s like, ‘wow, maybe I haven’t been this super-free kind of person for a while.'”

Darin is also now feeling more liberated creatively. Launching his new era with ‘Electric’ and with more new music on this horizon, his future possibilities are endless. He says: “At this point in my career I know I can trust my instincts and respond to what happens next in a really organic way.”


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