Out via Filthy Pretty/ A&G Records

New Sohodolls single ‘Napoleon Baby’ was recorded in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. It’s a pounding slow-disco floor-filler that makes you want to dance – it’s definitely the most pop song on the band’s upcoming new album and the most pop-sounding song Sohodolls has ever made.

Inspired by Eurythmics’ ‘Sweet Dreams’, Kate Bush’s ‘Running up that Hill’, Girls Aloud’s ’No Good Advice’ (Sohodolls’ Maya Von Doll has written for both Nadine Coyle and Nicola Roberts) and Donna Summers’ ‘I Feel Love’, the Otabek Salamov (aka Needshes) produced track sees Sohodolls unleash a pop side that has been bubbling away in the background of their recent singles, but now comes fully to the forefront.

“The song is about the pursuit of ambition at all costs.” says Maya von Doll. “I talk about what pursuing a music career has cost me – friendships, relationships and even the loss of better financial opportunities”, she explains.

“I wanted to write and be successful above all else. I swore I’d never give up. But never giving up can mean subjecting yourself to more bruising and more humiliation. This song is a reflection on that irrational wiring. That’s why I linked the track to ‘Napoleon’ because there’s been a historic suggestion (whether true or not) that his ambition and drive was born out of an inferiority complex. So, in the song I’m imagining success and I’m imagining thanking my inferiority complex for the art I’ve created”, she reveals.

The result is a catchy, bass loaded, electro-pop anthem for wrestling all distractions and negative voices to the ground and continuing to rise in creativity.

Complete with a French spoken outro and some retro sounding synths by Robert Harder, who produced Sohodolls 00’s hits ‘Bang Bang Bang Bang’ and ‘Stripper’, the track is a departure from Sohodolls’ recent singles like alt-rock track ‘Bad’ which recently featured in Netflix’s top 10 series ‘Geek Girl’. An exciting twist, the track is brimming with the band’s trademark catchy hooks and seductive attitude, but ventures into different territories and is set to take both old and new fans on an odyssey through the 80s, 00s, back to 2024 and beyond!


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