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“I’ve always been the comeback girl.”

After many years of showcasing her talent in the public eye, fast-rising songbird Scarlett Lee is ready to unveil a track she has nurtured in the privacy of her own emotions, “One For You“. Teaming up with producers Matthew Fisher and Meg Peters, along with the mixing expertise of Oli Jacobs (a Grammy Award winner for Taylor Swift) and mastered by Nomograph (Sam Smith and Lana Del Rey), Lee pours unfiltered vulnerability into “One For You.” The result is a hauntingly beautiful ballad that showcases Lee’s powerhouse vocals and poignant lyricism.

With the release of One For You, Scarlett Lee embarks on the eagerly awaited next chapter of her musical journey. The single signifies both a sonic solidification as well as a personal transition, having experienced an extremely painful break-up, Lee was subsequently confronted with a bout of anxiety and depression. Harnessing the negative and turning it into a positive, Scarlett found catharsis in songwriting and with the penning of “One For You”, not only created a song for her authentic self but sends a reminder as to why this is an artist who has shared stages with Leona Lewis, Robbie Williams and performed at London’s British Summer Time Festival.

Lee’s openness about her experiences underscores the organically lying emotional depth of “One For You.”“When I woke up with those lyrics repeating in my head, I realised that music was my therapy,” Lee reflects. “This song for me specifically highlights the fact that we all go through difficult things in life and there are many battles so many of us have to face along the way, but it’s how we use these situations to turn it into something beautiful that truly matters.”

While her powerful voice naturally resonates within ballads, she effortlessly showcases her musical versatility with a feature on the recently released dance anthem “Hands Of Time (My Oh My)”, a thrilling collaboration with Brazilian producers Pontifexx and Antônio Oliva.


Hailing from Surrey, Scarlett Lee has always been driven by dreams of stardom and a fervent desire to share her music with the world. Despite encountering numerous setbacks and challenges along the way, Lee remained resolute in her pursuit of her ambitions. In 2017, she stepped onto the national stage, auditioning for The X Factor after years of relentless dedication. Though initially met with disappointment, she refused to be deterred. Undaunted by rejection, she returned to the competition the following year,  2018, captivating audiences and judges alike with her mesmerising performances.

Her journey on The X Factor thrust her into the limelight, cultivating a devoted fan base and propelling her career to new heights. Despite her newfound success, Lee has remained grounded, using her platform to shine a light on issues of mental health and body confidence, emerging as an advocate for those in need of a voice. Through the highs and lows of her personal and professional life, she found solace in music, channelling her emotions into poignant lyrics and soul-stirring melodies.

Recently signed to Jeff Powell at Big Hug Management, Scarlett is about to take on another challenge in the public eye – competing on American Idol Season 7 in front of Judges Katy Perry, Lional Richie, and Luke Bryan. Appearing on the world-renowned competition has been a long-term goal for Scarlett, who has dreamed of taking part since she was a girl: “The stars aligned”.

Scarlett Lee transcends the mere role of a vocalist; she emerges as a beacon of hope, resilience, and unwavering endurance. With her heart wide open and her gaze fixed firmly on the future, she eagerly embraces the next chapter of her extraordinary journey with resolute determination.


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