Singer-songwriter and producer sali is back with her latest musical offering, the electrifying track “BODY“. Known for her unique blend of genres and ability to craft songs that serve as life soundtracks, sali’s new release is set to captivate audiences with its infectious energy and cross-cultural influences.

sali, a Brooklyn-based artist, draws inspiration from a diverse musical background that includes vocal jazz and collegiate a cappella. Her music is a heartfelt expression of everything left unsaid, and her debut EP, “charming“, released in 2021, was a mesmerizing journey into her inner and outer worlds. Featuring first-person piano narratives, the EP seamlessly fuses elements of mid-2000s ballads, jazz formats, and British-pop influences. Through a delicate interplay of piano motifs and various instruments, sali masterfully captures the essence of life’s evolution in your twenties – from friend break-ups to navigating rocky situationships and the quest for self-discovery in dimly lit bars.

While “charming” was a deep dive into self-reflection, sali’s next project, “OTHER PEOPLE“, challenges listeners to unravel the concept of self from selfishness, apply the wisdom gained from life’s lessons, and break free from established patterns. This EP showcases sali’s prowess as a producer and co-producer, as she skillfully employs vocal arrangements to genre-bend, creating a captivating collage of shoegaze, alt-pop, and retro-isms.

In the past year, sali has embraced live performances, captivating audiences as the frontwoman of “sali and the babies.” The band has headlined at iconic Manhattan and Brooklyn venues like Baby’s All Right, Sultan Room, Mercury Lounge, and more.

sali’s newest track, “BODY“, is a testament to her unceasing creativity and genre-blurring approach to music. The track is a vibrant and infectious celebration of culture, identity, and musical exploration. Born into a family hailing from Bamako, Mali, sali has always been influenced by West African music and this transcends in her new track.  With its fusion of afrobeat rhythms and contemporary rap, the track features fresh and innovative sounds.


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