The pumping pop-punk song bursts at the seams with commanding drums and her powerful vocals leading the track. Lyrically, the song centers around the self destructive things we do and think to ourselves and those we love while musically the track showcases Chlo’s unique musical style and fearless vulnerability.

Speaking on the single Chlo states: “I never actually wrote ‘Outta My Mind.’ I showed up to my session with Mike Irish, the song’s producer, flustered and hungry and nervous about moving across the country to pursue a music career and thought that was fucking insane of me. I had actually just totaled my car and buried my childhood dog and needed to get a few things off my chest so I just stepped into the booth and did a quick 30 minute cry for help and we ended up keeping the vulnerable bits. ‘Outta My Mind’ is near and dear to me. It’s a compilation of my childhood sound scape and a confession of my worst fear; not being sound enough for love and life but it’s also meant to feel triumphant. I’ve made it this far with this brain, as muddy and as nutty as it gets, and I have so much more to give.”

“Outta My Mind” follows her debut track, “Camille,” that dropped as a first taste of all that’s to come. Chlo describes the process of writing “Camille” noting, “Camille was written as a love letter to my girlfriend at the time but has since become an ode to the passion of queer love in general. Being Pansexual and experiencing the unique spectrum of dating different genders I wanted to make a song that honored the specific softness of the ‘Camille’ in my life – with attention to detail in language women who date women would understand. I use lots of different pronouns in my music because I’ve dated lots of different people. I have a little something for every kind of person but ‘Camille’ is something for the girls.”

Born and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, within a tight-knit military community, Chlothegod discovered her passion for music during her teenage years. Growing up, her father’s penchant for punk and alternative music, combined with her mother’s love for neo-soul singers like Erykah Badu and Jill Scott, formed the foundation of her artistic development. The eclectic blend of genres permeates her music, seamlessly blending pop-punk anthems with reverb-drenched guitars and luscious R&B melodies accompanied by mesmerizing percussion. Chlothegod’s ability to weave these disparate influences together creates a truly unique and unforgettable sonic experience, simultaneously venturing into new territory while invoking a sense of nostalgia.

Collaborating with friends and gracing open mic stages, she found solace and creative fulfillment in the world of music. Chlo’s artistic journey began as a dancer and performer in theater, but it was a poetry reading at an open mic that sparked her desire for creative expression. Soon, she found herself working with her neighbor, Rush Kelly, a rapper with a bedroom studio, and honing her skills as a vocalist. In no time, Chlo emerged as a solo artist, penning her own tracks.

Listen to “Outta My Mind” and stay tuned for more from Chlothegod coming soon.


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