“Tender pop melodies infused with a rich sense of autobiography, her literate songwriting is set to a gorgeous sonic palette” – CLASH

Embracing the dawn of 2024, the rapidly ascending artist, purpl, is poised to enchant audiences with her latest single, “Trippin” – a timeless, delicate pop piece that delves into the profound and sometimes disorienting emotions entwined with love and desire. Scheduled for release on January 26th under the esteemed Salt House Records label, the track has already ignited excitement with an exclusive Radio 1 Future Pop pre-Christmas feature, foreshadowing a mesmerizing prelude to purpl’s eagerly anticipated sophomore EP.

A fascinating dimension of Trippin lies in its resurrection from obscurity. Initially thought lost on a malfunctioning hard drive for years, only the surviving mp3 of the initial demo remained. However, through a collaboration with ProdByZeph and the innovative use of AI, the team successfully breathed new life into the song. The AI process meticulously reconstructed and reproduced the track, showcasing the revolutionary fusion of technology with the creative process.

Explaining the inspiration behind the single, purpl shared, “I wrote Trippin’ a few years ago after my first experience with psychedelics. I went into the studio with my friend Jamie and just said let’s do something really random, so he picked a synth sound and played the weirdest chord progression I’ve ever heard, and we went with it. We wanted to capture the essence of a really good trip and how amazing it can make you feel afterwards.” 

Speaking on the video, purpl explains; “2 weeks before trippin was released we decided we wanted to make a music video. It was a big ask considering the time constraints and the very minimal budget, but a part of me always likes the challenge. We got Connor Baskerville (DOP) on board and walked around Bristol discussing ideas and locations – the premise of the video is me taking a tab of LSD and going on an adventure through Bristol. The teddy seen at the start of the video is a constant throughout and guides me through my trip. We wanted to make the editing process as easy as possible so Connor incorporated some really cool kaleidoscope lenses on the camera and also got a 360 camera involved. We also had the help of Swindon college, allowing us to use there green screen and, after our original editor fell through, Sam Storey – a teacher at the college – saved the day and managed to edit the video for us within days of the release. Despite the freezing cold temperatures and the stress involved, we are all very proud of how it turned out.”

Emerging in 2020, purpl has quickly established herself in the alternative pop scene. Collaborating with acclaimed producers like Sky Adams, Lostboy, and Paul Stanborough, known for their work with artists such as Kylie Minogue, Doja Cat, Tiësto, Chris Brown, Janet Jackson, and Tina Turner, purpl has crafted a distinct sound. Her music seamlessly blends intimate sensibilities, R&B influences, and vulnerable lyrics across a tapestry of left-field genres. This combination sets her apart, creating a unique musical identity that resonates in the contemporary music landscape.

In 2022, purpl independently released a series of tracks that gained recognition on various BBC platforms, including features on BBC Radio 1 and headlining BBC Introducing Live. Her debut EP, Classic Holographic, showcased her versatility, with standout tracks like “Morphine” and “Tell All Your Friends” landing coveted spots on Spotify’s New Music Friday UK. This EP marked a significant milestone in purpl’s career, building momentum for the emerging talent.

purpl’s live performances have also been equally impressive, taking the stage at renowned venues across the UK, including The Bristol Beacon and London’s The Halley X DMY live sessions. Her dedication to honing live skills is evident through performances at festivals like 110 Above, as well as having previously warmed up crowds for the likes of  Jessie Jo Stark, Moon Panda, and Loviet. As purpl enters 2024, fans can anticipate a landmark year with the release ofTrippinand a headline show at The Waiting Room for Access All Areas on January 31st, further solidifying her position as a distinctive voice in the music industry.

JANUARY 31- The Waiting Room, London

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