Pink Siifu & Turich Benjy by Divina Gracia


Pink Siifu and Turich Benjy released their joint album, It’s Too Quiet…!, via Dynamite Hill in partnership with Equity Distribution. Cincinnati-based ‘trap disco’ innovator Benjy was a key collaborator on Pink Siifu’s critically acclaimed 2022 album GUMBO’!, and proceeded to join Siifu on his ‘4Tha Folks’ US tour in support of the album last year. Now, Benjy and Siifu join forces to collaborate on a full-length project that unleashes the electric chemistry that they first captured on “Bussin (Cold),” the standout track from GUMBO’!.

Preceded by the spontaneous release of the album’s lead single “WYWD” featuring HiTech and Milfie last week, It’s Too Quiet…’! is a dynamic exercise of Siifu and Benjy’s range as artists. Each track serves as its own eclectic piece of the larger album mosaic that spans trap and hip-hop, to R&B and ghettotech courtesy of Detroit trio HiTech.

Every Pink Siifu album is a snapshot of the larger musical community of peers he admires and It’s Too Quiet…’! is no different. The album provides a wider introduction to the sonic palette and world of Cincinnati collective GKFAM, a group of artists including Peso Gordon, VonBeezy, Conquest Tony Burson and Rich Park that first showcased on Siifu’s GUMBO’! and joined him on the ‘4ThaFolks’ tour. It’s Too Quiet…’! also features familiar and new guests to the Siifu ecosphere, with appearances from Nick Hakim, WifiGawd, Vayda, VCR, Lance Skiiwalker, Big Rube, Nelson Bandela, Tyah, Kamilah Dende and more, as well as production from Tony Seltzer, Harry Fraud, Groove, Apollo Rome, HiTech, DJ Harrison, Swarvy and others.

See full album details below and stay tuned for more from Pink Siifu and Turich Benjy coming soon.

Pink Siifu & Turich Benjy
It’s Too Quiet…’!
Equity Distribution
October 31, 2023

1. It’s Too Quiet…’!
featuring Pher Turner, Nick Hakim, Kamilah 
produced by Melo-X, Foisey
additional production by Dj Harrison, iiye

2. WYWD’!? 
featuring HiTech x Milfie 
produced by HiTech

featuring Ssylver, Tyah, Dende 
produced by Michael White, Kei$ha, iiye

4. lookin’![gorgeous]
featuring Wifigawd, Vayda
produced by Tony Seltzer, iiye

5. Jeff Hamilton
featuring Lance Skiiiwalker 
produced by Harry Fraud 

6. Velvet Room 
featuring JAAS, Ss.Sylver
produced by Jacob Rochester 

7. exxxtra prelude
featuring Kamilah, Tyah
produced by Groove
additional production by Dj Harrison x iiye

8. exxxtra
featuring Peso Gordon, Sista Salem, VonBeezy
produced by Groove

9. Cadillac or Lex 
featuring Tyah, Lance Skiiiwalker 
produced by Swarvy 

10. X’!
featuring VonBeezy, 
produced by Velvetian Sky

11. RIP Brittany Murphy 
featuring Peso Gordon, Rich Park
produced by Conquest Tony Burson 

12. Pig Head’!
produced by Apollo Rome

13. Swamp 
produced by SWARVY 

14. Keith Sweat
produced by LookDAMIEN 

15. UPTOWN’!
produced by iiye x Dj Harrison 

16. What Eye Became..
featuring Nelson Bandela, Nick Hakim, VCR, Kamilah, Tyah, Lance Skiiiwalker 
produced by iiye, Lance Skiiiwalker 

17. Iss On De Floe’!
featuring HiTech x VonBeezy, Ss.Sylver
produced by HiTech
additional production by Melo-X

Pink Siifu & Turich Benjy portraits by Stevie Hawkins

About Pink Siifu:

Pink Siifu, who was raised between Birmingham and Cincinnati, has proven himself as a prolific artist and collaborator, with an extensive and celebrated solo catalog as well as working with artists spanning from The Avalanches and Nick Hakim, to producers like Quelle Chris and Mndsgn. Siifu’s collaborative relationship with Turich Benjy continues a long run releasing full-length joint projects alongside Ahwlee (as B. Cool-Aid, Liv.e and Lord Byron (Kryptonyte), YUNGMORPHEUS (Bag Talk), Fly Anakin (FlySiifu’s) and AKAI SOLO (Black Sand). As a solo artist, Siifu received universal acclaim for his 2018 breakout solo album ensley, and obliterated all expectations on his genre-defying album NEGRO, released in 2020, which the New York Times called “the most fearless album in his vast catalog of equally experimental music.” He’s remained a steadfast musical polymath, impossible to pin down to one genre, sound, or group of peers, instead choosing to do it all and excel, from neo-soul and R&B with B. Cool-Aid’s Leather Blvd. earlier this year, serene guest vocals on tracks with The Avalanches or his noisy guest vocals on Armand Hammer’s rowdy track “Trauma Mic.” The FADER put it best when they described Pink Siifu as “one of the most intriguing musicians in Black music.”

About Turich Benjy:

Raised in Cincinnati, Turich is no stranger to Ohio’s Midwest funk & techno sound. Inspired by Bootsy Collins, Roger Troutman & Michael Jackson; Benjy refers to his own music as “trap disco.” Meshing the sounds of bouncy beats with flamboyant fashion, catchy lingo & electrifying moves over fun, authentic music. Performing as a dancer professionally for 10 years before turning his talents to music production, engineering and now as an emcee. Turich Benjy’s brand “At Least I’m Eating Now (ALIEN)” really represents his individuality in music and fashion.



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