Celebrating his UK, Caribbean and African roots, the new offering is a vibrant, summer-tinged anthem that flaunts his vocal and lyrical progression.”

Presenting his long-awaited new single “Showdown,” Oritsé Williams, an exceptionally gifted artist from West London, proves once again why he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry. Renowned for his distinctive style and heartfelt lyricism, Oritsé Williams has undoubtedly become one of the most captivating and promising artists to emerge in recent times.

WithShowdown,” Oritsé Williams conjures an effervescent party anthem that delves into the passionate turmoil of a fiery romance between two deeply enamoured yet tumultuous lovers. The track’s infectious rhythm, coupled with Oritsé’s soulful yet gritty vocals, effortlessly conveys the song’s powerful narrative, taking listeners on an emotional journey. Bolstered by a soul-stirring melody and impeccable production, “Showdown” serves as a testament to the artist’s exceptional musical talents, leaving devoted fans eager for more music from this bona fide superstar.

Commenting on the new tune, Oritsé Williams explained: “‘Showdown’ expresses the burning passion in a fiery relationship between two lovers who are obsessively crazy about each other, but who also drive each other crazy. ‘Showdown’ describes how unfiltered passion and love meet head to head in different forms, which we reflectively felt emoted in 90’s R’n’B culture, the reality that in relationships we can get caught up in a whirlwind of emotions with each other and accepting that love means embracing it all.”

Influenced profoundly by his multicultural upbringing, Oritsé Williams’ musical odyssey draws from his rich experiences in the UK, the Caribbean, and Africa, giving birth to a distinctive and captivating approach to his art. As THE founding member of the acclaimed band JLS, he soared to extraordinary heights, selling a staggering 15 million records and being bestowed with numerous accolades, including two Brit Awards and five MOBO awards. Despite this remarkable success, Oritsé Williams boldly charted his course towards a solo career, infusing his music with a seamless fusion of his cultural roots, vivid lyrics and authentic vocals.

Beyond his personal musical endeavours, Williams has also demonstrated an unwavering passion for nurturing emerging talent, co-founding a boutique management company that mentored young, musical talent, who have gone on to write and produce hits for many artists, including Zayn Malik. Furthermore, he rekindled ties with the Afro-beats superstar Davido, and they both soon got in the studio together, collaborating on an array of exciting records. However, music for Oritsé Williams was not solely a pursuit of fame; it was a deeply meaningful mission as well. He and his brother embarked on a journey to use his success in the music industry to fund research for their mother’s battle with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). As a carer himself, Williams used his personal experiences to connect with child carers from around the world and provide them with a platform to talk about their own roles in his BBC World Radio Documentary “Kids Who Care”. The podcast originally aired this January 2023 and due to its success it will be aired again from 22nd Aug.

Oritsé Williams’ multifaceted persona extends beyond the realm of music, showcasing his unwavering dedication to humanitarian causes. He has actively championed mental health awareness and offered support to young carers, leaving an indelible impact through initiatives such as a self-produced documentary film and a radio documentary that resonated globally. As recognition for his selfless efforts, he was honoured with the prestigious ‘MS Inspiration of the Year’ award, while also being appointed as the official Commonwealth champion for young carers and the inaugural ambassador for the M.S. Trust.

In addition to his musical prowess and philanthropic endeavours, Williams’ passions also span the realms of poetry, martial arts, and motorbikes. Notably, he holds the esteemed position of the UK’s first official ambassador for Harley Davidson, where he effectively utilises his platform to advocate for inclusivity, ethnic diversity, and a celebration of multiculturalism.


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