A stylistic crossover between indie pop, hip hop and R&B” – Wonderland Magazine

Her hard work and dedication have paid off, and she is now one of the more sought-after songwriters in the music industry” – Lyrical Lemonade

“Since she first started releasing music, she has proved that her commitment to her creative process is unwavering by consistently providing unique songs that have helped to build her dedicated following steadily.” – EDM Sauce

Nikki Taylor, also known as Nikki Taylor Vibe, returned with her latest musical endeavor, the vibrant and uplifting single “Emma Blunt”.

As a multifaceted talent hailing from the heart of NYC, Nikki Taylor has cultivated a reputation for her soulful voice and poignant songwriting, effortlessly bridging genres and captivating audiences with her hypnotic vocals and deeply resonant lyrics. She started writing songs at a young age and has written, performed on and co-produced multiple collaborative albums, across several genres. She has worked with numerous well-known artists and legendary producers including J. Oliver (Fresh Ayr), Southside, Wheezy, and has landed several placements with established music labels.

Emma Blunt” marks a departure from Nikki’s previous releases, embracing an infectious pop sound that is sure to leave listeners feeling uplifted and invigorated.

Produced in collaboration with her brother, Nikki describes “Emma Blunt” as one of her finest works to date, brimming with infectious energy and heartfelt emotion. The upbeat track is about being infatuated with someone you know or may be eyeing. They may not know who you are but once they do they’re gonna need you…and you could be a power couple. Like John Krasinski and Emily Blunt.

Building on the success of her previous releases, including the breakout EP “Siren” and the acclaimed single “AWOL“, Nikki Taylor continues to push the boundaries of her artistry, seamlessly blending elements of pop, soul, and hip-hop to create a sound that is uniquely her own.

The artist knows how to push the limits of collaboration and “AWOL” is a perfect example of it. She got a restaurant in Huntington NY, called Wok n Roll to create a dessert egg roll that was tied to the release, sold in the restaurant with high demand, further adding to the excitement surrounding the track.

As Nikki Taylor prepares to unveil “Emma Blunt” to the world, fans and listeners alike can expect to be swept away by its infectious melodies and heartfelt lyrics, solidifying Nikki’s position as one of the most exciting talents in contemporary music.


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