After dazzling us with her impactful breakthrough EPs ‘before’ and ‘after’ in recent years, which were supported by the likes of BBC Radio 2 and BBC 6Music, néomí, aka Surinamese/Dutch folk-pop singer-songwriter Neomi Speelman, has now announced her long-awaited debut album ‘somebody’s daughter’ is set for release on May 3rd via [PIAS], showcased by the tender new single “someone new”.

Featuring the record’s previously shared title-track, ‘somebody’s daughter‘ sees néomí expand the stripped-back and acoustic-led aesthetic of her infancy to explore a more varied and multifaceted sound throughout. Regularly adopting a broader and more euphoric direction here, this new LP aims to brighten and illuminate her already powerful and emotive sound to date.

The album is produced by Will Knox, a long-time collaborator with néomí who was also present during the writing and recording of her first two EPs: ‘before‘ and ‘after‘. The album’s themes follow néomí’s journey through adolescence, young adulthood and newly found womanhood. ‘somebody’s daughter’ presents 11 chapters in néomí’s coming of age story which follows a young woman’s journey through trust, love, and ultimately self-healing through reflection.

Speaking about her new full-length, she said, “The reason why I wrote an album like ‘somebody’s daughter’ is because I often can’t find words to express myself in certain situations. Where feelings can be overpowering and take control because I felt them so deeply. It has been my therapy in times of despair and my joy when I truly needed happiness. I tried to be as honest as possible. I’m telling stories about letting go and forgiving a loved one after being convinced they would be in your life forever. It is about grief, grief for yourself, the old you who you are leaving behind. It includes anger, for the times I didn’t stand up for yourself when I should have. It was getting to know myself, and to do that is to go through the past and look back on certain situations and times. This record pulled me through so many things.

“I have several musical friends who told me writing an album can be a super intense experience, but I always thought it would be fine! It is fine, in the end, but it has been a journey for sure. And even now, all finished packed up and ready for you to hear, I still feel it is not finished yet. I think the only thing that can complete the circle are people hearing it; listeners who can give the songs and words purpose.”On ‘somebody’s daughter’ I’ve been honest about things I wasn’t even honest about to my therapist. As such you can imagine I’m scared to death about letting people hear it. But most of all it feels like an emotional relief. I am letting go of these words for good, so I can move on to my next chapter.”

Previewed by the new lead offering “someone new“, we see the artist in a renewed and revitalised state throughout. Doubling down on that euphoric energy she has been adopting lately, she looks to open-up more than ever before, resulting in a truly welcoming and intimate listen at every turn.

Adding about “someone new“, she said, “‘someone new’ is basically a love letter to my therapist. How, at first, I hated the fact I was put in a category which I thought I didn’t belong to. Since those first encounters things have changed. I am grateful I’ve learned so much about myself and life in general. Most importantly I’ve learned how to deal with other people and, in the process of everything, become ‘someone new’ who is taking responsibility for their own actions and owning them. It was a relief to understand it’s never only ‘you’ in the story as a story is, almost always, double sided. I’m sure we all experience something like this in our time on this odd planet. It’s a song about not wanting to open up because to work on yourself requires going through pain which is the hardest thing in life. But I understand now working on improving yourself, no matter how painful it can be to remember the past, is the most important job there is.”

In January this year neomi performed at showcase festival ESNS (Eurosonic), Groningen, being singled out by media in attendance as a highlight. Radio support for the single has come from the UK’s BBC Radio 2, 6Music, NPO Radio 2, 3FM and Radio 1 in Belgium. Fans can expect more single releases in the lead up to the album and supported by a headline Netherlands tour, finishing at Amsterdam’s Tolhuistuin on May 25th (tickets). She will also be performing at SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas and Brighton’s The Great Escape, UK.

néomí Live Shows:

09.03 – Gransnapolsky Festival, Scheema, NL
13.03 – PIAS] SXSW showcase @ Valhalla, Austin, USA
14.03 – ‘Dutch Drop Off’ SXSW showcase @ The Driskill, Austin, USA
16.04 – Paradiso, Amsterdam, NL (Novo Amor support)
03.05 – PAARD, Den Haag, NL
04.05 – AB Club, Brussels, BE (Iskander Moon support)
05.05 – Bevrijdingsfestival Brabant, Den Bosch, NL
11.05 – EKKO, Utrecht, NL
16.05 – Dork stage @ The Arch, The Great Escape, Brighton, UK
17.05 – Dutch Impact stage @ Patterns Down, The Great Escape, Brighton, UK
24.05 – Merleyn, Nijmegen, NL
25.05 – Tolhuistuin, Amsterdam, NL

‘somebody’s daughter’ Tracklist:

1. somebody’s daughter
2. your girl
3. garden
4. someone new
5. i forgot to tell you
6. 11nov20011006
7. 160316126422792
8. so i let you (15th of june – evening)
9. talk shit
10. low
11. I’m not afraid of dying
12. could’ve been mine
13. all you do is leave (15th of june – night)


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