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“The voice that captured a nation”IZE Magazine

The German-born and South Korea-based multi hyphenate Sion has returned with the release of his highly anticipated EP, ‘Sociavoidance’. Marking a transformative period for the hit-maker, ‘Sociavoidance’ goes against what we’re accustomed to, navigating a variety of genre-bending sounds; the 5-track project is a step in a different direction for the storyteller. Following on from the February release of “O.o”, we dive deeper into Sion’s unpredictable world. With an EU tour on the horizon later this year, ‘Sociavoidance’ is a glimpse of what to expect on stage.

Exploring the disassociation in modern-day interaction, Sion bares elements of vulnerability as he confronts his fears and desires surrounding social interaction and relationships, forming a comforting familiarity for many that’s enriched with depth and emotion. Boasting a refreshed creative flare, Sociavoidance finely blends indie electronica, abstract hip-hop, alt R&B, and glitch pop yet still remains cohesively structured. After hours of refining the smaller details, this project reflects a time of great significance and self-reflection.

Opening the EP with avoid!, Sion instantly sets the tone as he acknowledges his disillusionment with modern-day relationships. Confronting his difficulty with human connection, he shares that his existing relationships are strained because of it. Swiftly moving onto the glitch pop influenced track “expired!”, “Karoshi” boasts Sion’s ability to adapt to any given beat. Closing out the EP with both “incognito!” and “moon!”, a mixture of vulnerable moments disguised amidst textured production, Sion continues to bridge the bond between his supporters as he unravels personal anecdotes throughout.

When asked about the difference between this album and previous projects, Sion explained, “This project marks the beginning of a new journey for me musically. I dove into different subgenres such as indie electronica, abstract hip-hop, alt R&B, and glitch pop, while trying to bind together all these different sounds in a cohesive manner through tons of sound design. I’m not sure, and kind of scared about how it will resonate with my audience right now. But at some point, I needed to progress, and this work certainly gives me the courage to experiment with even more genres and styles going forward in my career. I want to be remembered as an artist who has many facets but maintains a distinct colour, and I’d like to believe that this album is a good start in the right direction.”

Speaking on the themes woven throughout the album, Sion went on to share, “Thematically, this album delves into my current fears and desires, particularly surrounding social interactions and relationships. The intro track reveals my growing disillusionment with human connections, leading me to pull away from most of my existing relationships. The realisation that the pressures and expectations of social life can drive someone to consider ending their life has left me wary of forming new bonds. This album has become my primary way of communicating, as traditional conversation no longer feels sufficient.”

Born in Germany and now based in South Korea, Sion is a self-taught singer, songwriter, and producer who’s built a monumental following across social media platforms for his unrivalled artistry. Moving from Europe to the lively streets of South Korea, Sion’s journey started when he became a semifinalist on The Voice (Season 10)  in Germany. Soaring through Korea’s Top 100 with his single “Braindead”, he earned co-signs from NCT’s Mark alongside V from global superstar group BTS. Reputable for his glitch hop, jazz, indie rock and pop sound, Sion references both Frank Ocean and Porter Robinson as early influences. Previously going viral for his captivating performances of both “cutlery collector” and “comedy”, Sion is gearing supporters up for another electric year ahead.

Accumulating accolades from Rolling Stone Korea, IZE Magazine, and the Korean Music Awards, Sion recently sold-out his first headline show at Rolling Hall. Previously working with house-hold K-Pop names including Yong Jun Hyung, Big Naughty, and the New Six, Sion has the ability to play multiple instruments from keytar, guitar, keyboard, piano, synthesiser, as well as the DJ turntable, and more. Gearing supporters up for a new creative chapter, Sion is preparing for world dominance with the release of Sociavoidance.


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