FFO: Lady Gaga, Fletcher, Robyn, Rebecca Black, Halsey

“Micah is definitely one of those artists that you need to keep your eyes and ears on” – ICK Mag

“With a vocal range similar to that of Sia, Robyn and Lady Gaga, Micah’s fresh and authentic take on pop has garnered her plenty of radio plays and Spotify streams” – HotPress

“This is quality!” – DJ John Gibbons

“One To Watch” – Sarina Bellissimo SPIN 1038

“Track of the week” Chris and Ciara, 2FM

“One of the hardest working women in music” – Keith Walsh, 2FM

Micah is riding high on the success of her 2022/2023 releases ‘Replace Me’, ‘Shatterproof’ ‘Stranger’,‘ Running to you’  and ‘Heaven and Hell’ where she has been compared to the likes of Lady Gaga  (Adrianne Murphy NearFM) and picked up success in the likes of IMRO, HotPress, Golden Plec, FM104, The Verge Music News, ICK Mag, Signal Flow and has had track of the week for her single ‘Running to You’ at Spin Southwest/Spin 1038.   

Alongside her national TV appearance on RTE’s ’Last Singer Standing’ write-ups in icon magazines such as ‘Hot Press’, the Tipperary born singer-songwriter is going from strength to strength. She has had performances in Dublin’s Fibber Magees supporting Raging Sons and TV appearances on The Caitriona O’Sullivan show. She also charted in the Dutch Top 40 chart, along with airplay/streams in The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, New Yor and Japan.

Her Spotify streams are over 185k and she also had one of her tracks used as a TikTok dance. She has also had airplay on national radio stations such as RTE 2FM, Spin 1038 (one to watch), Spin South West (track of the week) Red FM and many more.

Working with renowned composers such as Gavin Murphy, she is going from strength to strength. However, she is continuously evolving her sound and 2023 looks like it will be an edgier sound with her recent release ‘Replace Me’ which dropped in late May and is now set to be followed by ‘Blame’ coming August 11th with her EP dropping this Autumn which have been said to have had elements of the singer Fletcher and Rebecca Black.

She works with LA producer Killian Cruiser (Sony, Interscope, X Factor, BBC etc) and German based Christoph ‘Hadl’ Hassel (Sony, BMG, Fox, Universal, Warner etc).

Micah herself has carved out a sound that is linked to performers such as Tove Lo, Loreen, Halsey and Fletcher. With artists, such as John Gibbons already supporting her efforts.

Micah is very much about being authentic and real. All her songs come from a true heartfelt place, dealing with life struggles and communicating them in a way only she can. She will be playing a headline show at Dublin’s Whelans on August 19th.


Heaven and Hell (H&H) Micah’s first release from her EP dropped in March 2023 (playlisted on TodayFM, 2FM, Spin 1038 and so on), debuting on the Dutch Top 40 chart.

Which is closely followed by ‘Replace Me’ (May 2023) and now ‘Blame’ (August 2023). Her headline show in Dublin’s iconic Whelans will culminate with the release of her newest tracks and her upcoming EP.

Her music is based around a variety of themes: finding faith, falling for someone, struggling with anxiety, depression, passive aggressive bullies and so on. However, it is Micah’s live vocals that have always captured audiences from events such as the ‘Rose of Tralee’. She is a vocal powerhouse and so it will be a show not to be missed.


This new release sees Micah discuss difficult situations with friends, workmates etc. It highlights parties not being able to take accountability for their actions and trying to bully the other side without recognising such toxic behavior.

The song was produced by German based Christoph ‘Hadl’ Hassel who has worked with Sony, Interscope, X Factor, BBC, Universal, Warner, Fox TV etc. Hadl has a polished pop ear, with an impeccable talent for vocal and arrangement and that’s only the cliff notes. Now Micah is leaning into her rockier tendencies and you’re sure to get hooked on another of her earworm choruses.

Micah on the track: “’Blame’ is a song that addresses the challenges of dealing with a controlling and bullying individual within a difficult environment. Through the song I am urging this individual, who will remain nameless, to be introspective, ’I am not here to take from you in any way’’. However, this person passive aggressively bullied me and made my life very difficult. I eventually recognised the motivations behind their actions and they were projecting onto me. This song resonates deeply with me as I nearly internalized those negative aspects and blamed myself for the situation. However, upon reflection, I realized that it was their issue to bear, and I made a firm decision not to let them hurt me any longer.’’


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