Los Angeles’ singer-songwriter Harmony, formerly half of Girlpool, announces her debut solo EP Dystopia Girl due August 25th via Harmony’s Fantasy Corp. The five track project ushers in a new sonic era for Harmony, combining her introspective songwriting with glistening production. To pair with the EP announcement, Harmony shares the lead single “Good Things Take Time,” which arrives with a video directed by Morgan Maher portraying Harmony leading a ceremony to a room full of women before they retreat to the beach. “Good Things Take Time” was produced by Wyatt Bernard, Dylan Brady, Francis Brady and Micah Jasper and was mixed by Kayla Regan. Featured image by Morgan Maher.

Explaining the origin of her new song, Harmony says, “‘Good Things Take Time’ is a song that came to me in a dream January 12, 2022. It’s pretty ironic because I feel like throughout my life I have been a somewhat impatient person. In the dream I was playing a Girlpool show and people were asking me to play ‘Good Things Take Time.’ I felt awkward because I knew it wasn’t a Girlpool song. In the dream I began to gently play it on guitar and sing to it. I woke up with the melody in my head and texted my parents asking if it was a Sheryl Crow song cause I felt like with the chuggy guitar chord changes it kinda had her vibe (although lost in its current form.) They both responded that they had never heard that melody before and didn’t think it was from anywhere— it felt so crystal clear to me that I felt like it had to have come from somewhere else.

Within thirty minutes of them texting me back, I had written the entire song. Only a week and a half before writing it had I met my now long-term boyfriend, and this song had so much certainty in our relationship without me even knowing him. It’s the first really uplifted song I’ve written and felt like something that was coming from a place of higher understanding and acceptance for things. It’s also been funny as it’s the first song to roll out on this project; the mantra of it being the first song has been teaching me patience, as whenever I have felt like I need to put music out today, immediately!, etc (classic me), the song reminds me to find solace in the pause and know that things are happening in the time they are meant to.”

Harmony is a singer-songwriter who has made a name for herself with her poignant lyrics and delicate, evocative voice. As one half of canonical indie band Girlpool, Harmony’s songwriting has often been praised for its striking honesty and emotional clarity. With her foray into pop music, she brings the same poetical fervor and olympic emotion.

Born and raised in Hollywood, amidst a chimerical bricolage of glimmering fantasy and brutal destitution, Harmony has always been taken by contrast. Glitz and grime abreast, her hometown prompts questions of artifice and authenticity, instilling in her a belief that being is a creative act. Navigating this tentative relationship with reality, Harmony sings of infinity worlds, reality restarts, and angel kisses from the next dimension. Harmony’s debut EP Dystopia Girl is a thrilling exploration of the “holographic lie” of an enchanted reality, guided by her unwavering faith expressed in lead single “Good Things Take Time.” Her boldly vulnerable songwriting is self-aware and raw, exploring the complexities of the human experience with a depth and sensitivity that is rare in pop music.

A Libra through and through, Harmony is obsessed with balance, with the union of opposites. The Dystopia Girl EP is composed of both ballads and bops, traversing themes of certainty and doubt, mysticism and cynicism, and fantasy and reality. It is at once viscerally passionate and gracefully impartial; both gravely serious and tongue-in-cheek frivolous. The Dystopia Girl EP is a compact emotional whirlwind of euphoric highs and devastating lows felt to their fullest and presented in perfect harmony.

Pre-order / save the Dystopia Girl EP and check out “Good Things Take Time“. Stay tuned for more from Harmony coming soon.

Dystopia Girl artwork

Dystopia Girl EP
August 25th, 2023
AWAL Recordings

1. Angel Kisses
2. Good Things Take Time
3. Shoplifting From Nike
4. I Am So Lucky And Nothing Can Stop Me
5. Dystopia Girl


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