At just 24 years old, Orlando-based singer, songwriter, and producer Linndsyeah is here to share her universe of introspection with the world. From learning to put her feelings into words at 16, then using production to paint the clearest picture of those feelings, she’s been making original music and performing it since she was 19. Through her musical creations she finds understanding and purpose to the trivial parts of life, creating light out of confronting the darkness.

Linndsyeah has been slowly building her artist resume as she’s released consistent music over the past few years amassing over half a million streams across music platforms. Encouraged to keep going, she’s led by the joy and passion of creating as she finishes her first album, ‘How Does it Feel’ is set to release early 2024.

Don’t Wanna Know Why” is a powerful anthem that encourages listeners to embrace their own healing journey and find strength in moving forward. As Linndsyeah’s final single leading up to her much-anticipated album, it marks a significant chapter in her musical evolution.

In December 2022, she challenged herself to create one new song a day, laying the foundation for a larger project that was yet to take shape. Drawing inspiration from past relationships, Linndsyeah explored the idea that seeking reasons for the end may be futile and that acceptance is the key. The lyrics were written and the initial production work began.

Linndsyeah’s creative journey led her to a home studio, where she refined the beat and delved deeper into the electronic sound, solidifying her love for the track. By late 2023, she had completed the final production, mixed, and mastered the single herself.

In describing the song, Linndsyeah reflects, “You do not need to understand why those people mistreated you.” This sentiment encapsulates the essence of the track, emphasizing the importance of letting go and refraining from fixating on the reasons behind mistreatment. Linndsyeah believes that true closure comes from one’s perspective and the choice to free oneself from the victimhood of circumstances.


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