Lina Maxine released her latest track ‘LET ME’, launching the next exciting phase of her career with an anthemic pop-rock song guaranteed to captivate listeners with its universal message and up-tempo, power punk musical heart. Following on the momentum gained from this single, Lina has now crafted a softer and lusciously arranged version in ‘Let Me (Sweeter)’.

The multifaceted musician, producer and singer-songwriter takes an emotive approach to power pop and acoustic prog rock, and she now shares a more acoustic and stripped back version of this empowering offering.

The song is all about the power of human embrace in the face of adversity, channelled in such an emotive and invigorating way by Maxine. Influenced by the likes of Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold and Muse, and more recently the Grammy-winning artist Billie Eilish, Lina has been inspired to make her own sound altogether and has implemented a whole new style that is hers and hers alone.

With ‘Let Me’ featuring in Earmilk, Galore, Flaunt, and Music News, Lina has decided to strip everything back and create an epic acoustic version, and it is truly stunning. Still holding true to the original prog elements of the track, including the nostalgia-tinged acoustic riffs and chord progressions that make ‘Let Me’ such a joy to listen to and admire, they are brought even further into the mix in this acoustic rendition.

Written, produced, recorded and mixed in-house by Lina Maxine and Dean Aladay, ‘Let Me (Sweeter)’ crosses into a whole new sonic direction as the track progresses, paired with seaside music video of Lina seamlessly moving and swaying with the waves, it completely matches the energy of the track and more.

Full of rhythmic percussion elements that further transcend this acoustic version, Lina’s layered harmonies and the brilliantly written acoustic guitar lines breathes this song a new lease of life, leaning to a more universal and modern sound in its stripped back form, further instilling the notion that Lina Maxine is here and is here to stay. It’s haunting yet delicately beautiful, and that seems to perfectly represent everything that Lina is as an artist.

Lina has recently played an intimate acoustic show in NYC’s Berlin Under A, beginning a busy live schedule coming up this Summer ahead of the launch of her upcoming 6-track EP “You’re My Only Friend” on June 7th.

Lina says “I wanted to strip back the production on “Let Me” to its core, to reveal the beautiful chords and guitar riffs that inspired me to write this song. I wanted to show the vulnerability and the strength in my voice. The backing vocals, the way they intertwine and add to the haunting atmosphere in the song, is my favourite. Lifting the mask of the “red-haired femme fatale” I wanted to show you the real me. I love to sing and dance, I love walking on the beach and I love wearing all black.”


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